Melo, Meet Soho: The Knicks Newest Star Is Shopping For A New Manhattan Apartment

Manhattan Luxury Condos for SaleIn his first game with the New York Knicks, Carmelo Anthony received a standing ovation, scored a team-high 27 points, led his team to a win, and was at the very least partially responsible for the most-watched Knicks regular season game in 16 years. Which is not a bad way to get started in a new town, as those things go. But while the Brooklyn-born, Baltimore-raised NBA All-Star is off to a solid start in New York City, there are certain to be some bumps ahead. For one thing, it's not clear how well Anthony will fit into Coach Mike D'Antoni's offense, if at all. But perhaps more important, at least for our purposes here at New Construction Manhattan -- and for Anthony, in terms of finding a place to sleep -- is how quickly Carmelo will find himself a Manhattan apartment to call home. So, does the NBA's third-leading scorer browse Manhattan condo listings like everyone else?

The answer, as revealed by the New York Post -- still your best source for random information about famous people in short, easy-to-digest sentences -- is something of a "yes and no." While Carmelo and wife Lala Vasquez are indeed looking at several different Soho condo listings, they're looking in a way that most non-NBA players don't. In a move that Anthony cribbed from teammate Amar'e Stoudemire, Anthony is looking to rent an apartment in a luxury condominium. That's not an option for most Manhattanites, both because very few condominiums rent out apartments as well as because it is very expensive to rent an apartment in a luxury condominium. Stoudemire is paying $37,500 every month for a West Village condo-rental, and Anthony is reportedly looking for something in the $30,000 per month range.

We could take issue with Anthony's choice to rent, especially when there are some very nice Manhattan apartment listings that could be his outright for roughly what he'll be spending on rent. But it's hard to argue with Anthony's taste: his initial preferences were high-end boutique condo 158 Mercer Street and New Construction Manhattan favorite Soho Mews, at 311 West Broadway. Whether Anthony can run the pick and roll with Amar'e Stoudemire remains to be seen, but if he lands at Soho Mews we can at least know that he'll have a top-tier luxury condo to come home to after games.

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