New York Burger City: Two Manhattan Neighborhoods Get Prime Burger Outposts

Apartments near Places to Eat in NYCAt New Construction Manhattan, we are not unaware that people browsing Manhattan apartment listings are often looking for different things. This is why we've built our advanced condo search function so that NYC apartment hunters can search condos in specific price ranges and apartments near specific landmarks and so on. It's our hope that a more focused and specific way to search Manhattan condos will lead to a more satisfying and successful experience. That said, there is not currently a search function at NCM that enables you to find an apartment located near a delicious hamburger. For that, we use the NCM blog. No, seriously: we've covered food-related real estate news pretty extensively in the past, and we're not going to stop doing that. We do it for you, readers. And also we do it because we're hungry, and because (in this specific case) Shake Shack is delicious. And so it is with no small amount of delight that we inform New Construction Manhattan readers that condo listings in Battery Park City will very soon be rental listings near a delicious hamburger. And we are further pleased to announce that they are not alone.

The good news, then: restauranteur Danny Meyer will be opening a pair of new outposts for his successful Blue Smoke barbecue franchise and a new Shake Shack on North End Avenue in Battery Park City. DNA Info's Julie Shapiro reports on how well the Battery Park City community took the news. "The Blue Smoke will be similar to the original one on East 27th Street, which Meyer said draws the most diverse crowd of any of his establishments. One new feature will be a bakeshop, selling cupcakes, pies and other desserts," Shapiro writes. "As for the new Shake Shack, no explanation was necessary — upon Meyer’s announcement, one board member shouted 'Yes!' and several applauded." The new Meyer restaurants, which will be joined by an as-yet unknown high-end dining venture and open in May, will be part of the planned overhaul of Battery Park City's Embassy Suites, which will undergo a rebranding and reinvention as a new luxury hotel with a LEED Gold certification and a spiffy new green roof. Which is, of course, very cool, and which most Battery Park City residents will probably care less about than the fact that their apartments are suddenly near a Shake Shack and a Blue Smoke. Liberty Luxe, Battery Park City's newest green condominium listing, will be closest to the goodness, if you were curious.

But good food news is not restricted to Battery Park City's residents. When we first wrote about The Linc -- The Linc being the freshly branded up-and-coming neighborhood near the (um) Lincoln Tunnel -- it was just recently emerging from decades of being better known as a place to park one's car or go to a dodgy bar. Since then, though, the millions of dollars pouring into the neighborhood in the form of new real estate developments have continued to move The Linc up the list of Manhattan's hottest new 'hoods. That The Linc now has its own outpost of the very delicious DC-based burger emporium Five Guys Burgers and Fries is even more good news.

Yes, Five Guys is very excellent (although they do tend to give patrons more french fries than those patrons should probably eat in one sitting), but can it actually help improve the value of apartment listings in the The Linc -- on our site, those are mostly filed under Chelsea condo listings -- up the list of desirable NYC rentals? Well, we have seen it before. We've previously noted how the presence of Mario Batali's beloved Eataly has helped put NoMad on the map as one of Manhattan’s hottest new neighborhoods -- NoMad would be another sub-neighborhood, north of Madison Square Park; you can look for NoMad condo listings under Gramercy condo listings). And of course 86th Street's new Shake Shack did nothing to harm the Upper East Side apartment listings rising above and around it. Given the influx of new restaurants around the greater Linc area, it's just one more reason for residents at The Onyx or +Art -- The Linc's most Five Guys-adjacent new apartment listings -- to cheer. Change never smelled, or tasted this good. Especially with sauteed onions, you should definitely get those.

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