Shovel Ready: Meet 20 Pine, The Weather-Proof Financial District Luxury Condo

Snow at the 96th Street Subway StationWith one mega-blizzard down and a few slightly less 'zardy snowfalls in both the past and immediate future (at least as this post goes live), it's fair to say that winter has arrived in New York City. New Yorkers know what this means -- it means frequent reiterations of "snowpocalypse"-grade weather hyperbole, and it means subway delays and wet socks, and slush and wet socks and all kinds of other fun stuff. There are some considerably more appealing things about snow in NYC, of course -- a walk on the quiet streets (in waterproof boots, naturally), that sort of thing -- but for the most part, New Yorkers' have one goal in mind when it comes to snow, and that goal is avoiding it. Which brings us to 20 Pine, which is unique among condo listings in the Financial District not just for being an especially artful renovated luxury condo, but for having a luxury that many New Yorkers will wish they had on snowy mornings to come -- private subway access.Which is not only very convenient -- the 2, 3, 4, 5, J and M trains are all just an elevator ride away from the apartments at 20 Pine -- but very unique among Manhattan condo listings. Residents at 20 Pine can access the private entrance, left over from the condo conversion's past life as a Financial District office tower, with their amenity cards, although they'll need their MetroCards as well. Back in April, Curbed's Joey Arak dubbed 20 Pine "The only building we can think of with a Turkish steam bath and a secret path to the J train." While 20 Pine's promotional materials have leaned more heavily on the spacious apartments for sale and very-Financial District, very luxury condo suite of luxurious amenities -- there's a golf simulator to go with that Turkish bath -- that private subway entrance can seem like the most appealing amenity 20 Pine has to offer. At least when the weather dictates as much. The rest of the year, it's probably the Turkish bath.

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