Building Amenities

If finding a place to live in New York City is hard, getting to understand the real estate lingo is a whole different task. We make things easier, by listing out what these amenities are and how they can help make your life simpler in the Big Apple.


This well dressed, tall, prim and proper gentleman opening the door for you, announcing any visitors you have, being courteous to you and your guests, is at the building for more than just this. The doorman is the person the building residents count on for security, screening visitors, receiving your packages/deliveries, hailing you a cab and helping you with your luggage when you are travelling in and out of town.

Laundry Room

While this may seem like a the very basic feature in an apartment for someone who moved in from a different city or a suburb, laundry room facility is not necessarily a basic features in New York City, depending on the type of building you choose. Most upscale high-rise condominiums definitely have them. While some of these buildings have one laundry room per building, others have a laundry room specific to each floor. They are either open from a specific time from dawn to dusk or open 24-hours. Equipped with washer-dryers and operated by a laundry card that resembles a credit card, they can re-charged online, so forget about juggling with pennies.


One of the biggest hassles of the Big Apple is parking space and parking prices. To beat the race to get your spot and find a parking space deal for the day, can be quite stressful - so when looking for an apartment, it is best to opt for one that provides basement parking for its residents. Some premium buildings also offer valet parking service to its residents.


Its a basic for some and a luxury for others, in New York City it sure falls in the luxury category, simply because of the sheer lack of space in this urban jungle. Roof-top pools are the new way to incorporate this feature in apartments more recently. So, be sure to check with your realtor if they have indoor/outdoor pools and whether they have a temperature control option for the rough winter months.

Children’s Play Room

Of course we have several play parks and the big-daddy of them all Central Park, but having a children’s play room in your building, could work very well on those busy and tiring week days when parents can just leave their kids there for a couple of hours in the evening, while they get their chores done. While some of the New York City apartments come with a basic childrens room, there are others which are complete with a saltwater aquarium, intellectual, recreational and cultural activities planned, a teen room with billiards and foosball, a kiddie pool, indoor and outdoor play area; and lots more.


In the growing concrete jungle of Gotham City, a view can elevate even a mediocre, crammed studio from drab to fab in seconds. New Yorkers are ready to go that extra mile and dig a little deeper into their pockets for that prime East River View or Statue of Liberty views from your balcony and taking it a step higher, real estate developers could have protected views of sites of importance like the Trump Tower views of the UN. From balconies to window views, courtyards to open terraces, New York City has it all, depending on the power of your dollar.

Storage Rooms

If you have ever got the chance to peek into a New York City apartment, you are very familiar with the tiny, cramped and most often horizontally challenged closet/storage spaces available. That said, luxury high-rise buildings are on the other side of the spectrum, with walk-in closets and offering additional storage space in the buildings storage room. This works very well with families with children and in general a place to put away your stash of bulky undergraduate books or heavy winter coats or that old coffee table, you are not yet ready to giveaway to goodwill.

Gym/Health Club

New Yorkers are known to be fitness freaks, be it rain, shine or snow - they are out there running or at the gym burning off those calories. That said, it is understandable that one of the most sort after features in an apartment is the fitness center or gym or health club as you may call it. While there are tons of apartments offering just that, as a potential resident you might not be clear what each offers, and yes they do have differences, although they are interchangeably used. Gyms are the basic, with weight training equipment and exercise machines, whereas health clubs offer the basic gym facilities including perks like a personal trainer, a salad bar, yoga, pilates, zumba classes, steam and sauna rooms, and more.