Building Features

Apartments buildings in Gotham City range from the ordinary to the extraordinary, with features like ranging from a business meeting room to a billiards room, they have it all. Here is  a lowdown on some of the more common New York City apartment building features in most plush condominiums in the city.


For the uber-chic New Yorker, a penthouse with views of the East River or Central Park is no longer enough, they need someone on their beck-and-call 24-hours to cater to their every need, and sometimes their outrageous needs. For them, a concierge is the answer. Be it picking out that perfect gift for a spouse, booking a private jet, picking out cutlery for a party, a request for that rare bottle of wine, or shipping in those rare orchids from elsewhere every week - well, a concierge can go over requests like these and more, that range from simple to sophisticated. Hence, a concierge service is a basic requirement in the luxury living market.


For kids, adults and everyone else in-between, it would be great to have an in-house library as opposed to going to the nearest public library. Well, lets face it, a Kindle can only get you so far, the feel of relaxing in a book corner with all your favorites is like a kid enjoying his/her candy in the store surrounded by all the sweet gooey goodness. So, make sure you check with your agent and see the facilities for yourself, like lounge chairs etc.


For families with kids, a nursery is a quintessential feature they look for while renting/buying an apartment in the city. The building nursery could be as basic as a playroom with a bunch of toys, books and games; to the more upscale condominiums where you have on-call nanny to take care of your kids for a couple of hours.

Rooftop Deck

When in New York, sky's the limit with rooftop deck choices. From the very basic space up there, to the ones with lounge chairs, cabanas, well landscaped gardens, space to host a dinner party, and even rooftop atriums, there is no end to the kind of high-end design and innovative use of space these luxury condominiums have to offer.

Wine Cellar

This is a feature best suited for the wine connoisseurs looking for a space to stash away their priced wine bottles for that special occasion. The Trump Tower is one among the uber-exclusive buildings that have this facility.

Day Spa

The premium properties in the city offer guests the luxury of having a day spa in the premises of their building. Ideal after a long days work or a weekend rejuvenation, these spas everything from the basic shoulder and foot massage to the more tailored spa treatments, all done by trained masseuses.

Business Meeting Room

Ideal for entrepreneurs or small business owners starting out, they can operate from the comfort of their home and take advantage of the meeting room facility in the building. This is also convenient for people working from home.


A perfect place to relax and have a drink with buddies after work, or bring those bunch of unexpected friends who decided to stop by, a lounge is a feature in most New York City condominiums.