Battery Park City in New York City

Battery Park City in New York CityBattery Park City was planned as a residential community for World Trade Center and Wall Street workers, but these uniquely green 92 acres along the Hudson River at the lower tip of Manhattan have taken on a character all their own. While Battery Park City lacks the historic buildings (and history) of the Financial District, its lower Manhattan neighbor, it has come a long way since it was first developed in the 1980s. While the abundance of kid- and pet-friendly parks that define Battery Park City are still as green as they ever were, Battery Park City has also be come green in another way -- as home to some of Manhattan’s most sustainable new condominiums. It’s something of an urban suburb, given its remove from the rest of lower Manhattan, but Battery Park City is unlike any other suburb you’re likely to find. And certainly unlike any suburb that’s just a few minutes walk from the subway, the World Financial Center and the New York Stock Exchange.

All those parks ensure that Battery Park City has a feel that falls somewhere between “big backyard” and “urban oasis.” A movie theater, some macro-scale retail and a few restaurants -- including new outposts of Danny Meyer’s beloved Blue Smoke and Shake Shack NYC-based franchises -- offer some diversions, but there’s not much nightlife in Battery Park City to speak of, unless you count Applebee’s. But few Manhattan neighborhoods are more family friendly -- parks and playgrounds abound, there’s a lovely riverfront esplanade, and Stuyvesant High School, generally considered Manhattan’s finest public high school, is located in Battery Park City. The greener-than-usual feel of Battery Park City also extends to its numerous new green condominiums, which include such super-sustainable luxury condos as the LEED Gold Riverhouse, Liberty Luxe and Liberty Green.

That the median age of Battery Park City is just 33 owes more to the presence of a great many single-digit residents -- check the jungle gyms at any of those parks -- than it does to any influx of twentysomethings, but Battery Park City residents wouldn’t have it any other way. In the city but not of it, Battery Park City is an uncommonly sedate and undeniably lovely Manhattan neighborhood -- so sedate and lovely, in fact, that it sometimes feels as if it’s not in Manhattan at all.

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