Clinton in New York City

Clinton in New York CityFrom the Hudson River to Fifth Avenue, between 34th Street and 57th Street, is one of the most storied neighborhoods in Manhattan -- with something of an identity crisis. The Manhattan neighborhood now known as Clinton was long known as Hell’s Kitchen, a name with an etymology and history as confounding and legend-steeped as any in Manhattan. But while some New Yorkers still know Clinton as Hell's Kitchen, anyone who follows Manhattan real estate knows that -- by any name -- the host of new construction condominiums in Clinton have made this neighborhood a rising star on the Manhattan condo scene.

Given that Clinton is pretty squarely at the center of Manhattan, it’s surprising how sedate and neighborhood-y it can be along its Hudson River edges. Closer to the middle of midtown Manhattan, though, Clinton is as booming and bustling as any Manhattan neighborhood, thanks in large part to a lively restaurant and nightlife scene on Ninth Avenue and ever-busy Theater District. Clinton, then, can be said to contain multitudes -- the convenience of proximity to mass transit and Manhattan’s midtown hustle, as well as the comforts of home usually only found in less-central Manhattan neighborhoods. With Chelsea's galleries on the South and the stately luxury shopping and dining of Columbus Circle on the uptown side, Clinton manages to embody the extremes of its neighbors while remaining extremely welcoming.

A building boom two decades in length has blessed Clinton with a wealth of new construction condominiums, and the emergence of Hudson Yards and The Linc on its western edges have made it one of Manhattan’s busiest frontiers for new condo development. High-end Clinton condos The 505, Griffin Court and The Dillon have brought luxury condo living to the West 40s and 50s, while blockbuster new construction condominiums such as The Atelier and The Platinum offer high-end Manhattan condo living just blocks from Times Square. In Clinton, everything -- be it the neighborhood's name or the new luxury condos that seem to spring up every month -- is changing, and for the better.

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