Upper East Side in New York City

Manhattan's Upper East Side

The standard for all things luxurious and upscale in Manhattan real estate -- and Manhattan, period -- for generations, the Upper East Side is far more vibrant and youthful than its posh reputation would suggest. Which isn’t to say that the Upper East Side isn’t surpassingly upscale -- it is. There’s more than that packed into the Upper East Side’s boundaries, though. Those boundaries stretch from 57th Street to 110th Street, and are bordered by the East River to the east and Fifth Avenue and Central Park on the west. From the world-class shopping along Madison Avenue to the stately apartments along Park Avenue to the famed Museum Mile on Fifth Avenue along the park, the Upper East Side is in many ways exactly as advertised.

The Upper East Side is home to many of the city’s most esteemed private schools, as well as a number of top restaurants and endless shopping options. If the Upper East Side between Lexington Avenue and Central Park is the Upper East Side of popular imagination -- museums and co-ops and luxury hotels -- the other Upper East Side is an uncommonly family friendly and low-key sub-neighborhood somewhat reminiscent of suburbia, only with a distinctly Manhattan cultural sensibility and without the lawns, driveways or commute. The museums, such as the Guggenheim, and the City Museum of New York, provide culuture to the Carnegie Hill sub-neighborhood. Amongst all of the culture, is also the luxury that can be found in Yorkville, one of New York's most in demand sub-neighborhoods. Stars who've called the Upper East Side home include names from Eleanor Roosevelt to Woody Allen, from the Marx Brothers to P. Diddy. In short, the Upper East Side has contained multitudes -- and still does.

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