West Village in New York City

Manhattan's West Village

In a more abstract sense, this “little Bohemia” has no defined boundaries. Geographically, though, the West Village is (you guessed it) the western part of Greenwich Village, and as such extends from the Hudson to Sixth Ave. And if you want to get even more specific, the area between the Hudson and Hudson Street is known as the Far West Village.

In the popular imagination, thanks in large part to the neighborhood’s starring role in such West Village-set TV shows as “Friends” and “Sex and the City,” West Village is defined by block after tree-lined block of brownstone townhouses. There are also many new apartment towers in the West Village, though, many of which offer views of the Hudson River and the lower end of the High Line Park. The West Village’s “off the grid” streets, set at an angle to the usual Manhattan grid, can hugely confusing to tourists, and even some longtime Manhattanites. The beloved new High Line Park, which runs above the West Village into Chelsea, is a new neighborhood landmark.

Shopping and entertainment are ubiquitous in the area. For New Yorkers looking to dance the night away, there’s the Meatpacking District -- which hugs the Hudson River at the top of the West Village -- which is thick with bars, night clubs, and up-market hotels.

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