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Hudson Yards Update

To say that the Hudson Yards area of New York is currently in the throws of transformation is something of an understatement. Already in progress, the future Hudson Yards will be home to 4,000 residences, state-of-the-art office towers, a full 14 acres of public open space, over 100 shops and restaurants, and more over the next few years.

What's New in Brooklyn

Judging by the influx of high-end residential developments in Brooklyn, it is safe to say that the neighborhood is still very much on the rise. Check out some of the most intriguing developments coming to Brooklyn:

Matzo No More: Lower East Side Gentrification Strikes Again

150 Rivington

For nearly a century, 150 Rivington Street has been the home of Streit’s matzo factory. However, times have changed on the Lower East Side since 1925, and a combination of rising prices and the inconvenience of operating a factory in Manhattan has finally forced the family-owned company to relocate. 

The Newly Developed, The Newly Renovated


Here are some of the three most excited buildings—from newly renovated to new construction to hit the New York City market.

New Building to Rise in Bowery

Bowery Street looking north 

Newly developed upscale condos are rising in place of the Salvation Army building in Bowery.

The Changing Face of the Lower East Side

The Lower East Side waterfront will experience a dramatic makeover in the coming decade.

Price Cuts at One57

One57's exterior 

38 condos at One57 are getting a large price cut to cater to Manahttan's middle market.

The Best of The Upper West Side

The Laureate entrance 

We compield a list of some of the best things to do on the Upper West Side. See a show in Lincoln Center, learn to paint with wine in hand, or grab a delectable meal. 

Two New Developments Coming to Upper West Side


221West 77th rooftop deck 

Two new skyscrapers are coming to the Upper West Side.

Upper West Side on a "Budget"


The Grand Millenium 
The Upper West Side has established itself as one of the best neighborhoods to reside in the city—but can it be done on a budget?