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Financial District's Beautiful New Skyline Extension: 50 West Street

The Financial District continues to grow with yet another development. This shiny 780-foot tower at 50 West Street has brought 191 condominiums to the neighborhood and is a beautiful addition to the NYC skyline.

Massive Soho Luxury Condominium Nearing Completion

Photo courtesy of Adrian Gaut

A large development at 150 Wooster Street, which replaced a garage in Soho, will soon be wrapping up construction. The condominium building will only hold six apartments but will be one of Soho’s largest developments.

Meet the Newest Gem of Midtown West: 53W53

The city of skyscrapers has made room for yet another 1,050 foot tower in Midtown West that is expected to be completed soon.

Viñoly’s Newest Nomad Addition

Photo Courtesy of Lendlease and Victor Group

A condominium tower at 277 Fifth Avenue designed by the starchitect Rafael Viñoly

Go Green With These Three LEED-Certified Condominiums

More LEED-certified buildings are being developed than ever, as it seems to be a new standard for luxury condominiums. Here are three of the newest and most eco-friendly buildings in Manhattan, all perfectly designed with environmentally-friendly practices in mind.

Convenient Condos Near Preschools

As September approaches, the weather will soon be getting colder and back to school season will begin. To make the transition easier for first-time parents, here are three newly-developed condominiums, fitted with luxury, comfort, and all conveniently located near preschools.

Escape the Concrete Jungle with these Modern Midtown Condominiums


The busiest area in all of NYC lies between the skyscrapers of Midtown Manhattan. Here are three condominiums that make living in heart of the hustle and bustle of the city a little less hectic.

Village Living: The Best Apartments in Downtown

While the Upper West and Upper East Sides of Manhattan will always be known for classic luxury, downtown is more popular than ever, and there are some beautiful apartment options in the three downtown villages of Manhattan - West Village, Greenwich Village, and East Village.

Cool Down and Dive into These Developments With Pools

Escaping the New York City heat seems to be getting harder as August approaches. Cool down with three condominiums that all come with a pool, making those hot summer days a little easier.

Unforgettable Available Condos in Uptown Manhattan

While condominiums seem to be flourishing all over Lower Manhattan, it's important to not forget some of the most lavish developments in the upper parts of the city. Here are three of the most unforgettable Condominiums in Uptown that still have availability.