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High End and Mid Priced Condos Doing Exceptional So Far in 2012

The early winter m15 Central Park West in Manhattanonths always come with a string of market analysis meant to gauge how Manhattan real estate trends will play out over the next year. We wrote earlier about overall trends experts predict will dominate headlines in 2012. Now the Real Deal has compiled the market trends that have been playing out since January, with commentary from industry players on how we can expect those trends to advance. Over the past month, ultra-luxury Manhattan condos have been doing as well as they did in 2011, while mid-priced condos in the $3 to $5 million range have shown marked improvement. Condos priced lower than that have been sluggish, suggesting that most people who want to buy prefer the extensive room and building amenities high-end apartments provide.

The Sale at 15 Central Park West That Broke Every Record

When we wrote our Columbus Circle Year15 Central Park West Views-End Wrap Up 2 weeks ago, we said the 6,744 square foot apartment at 15 Central Park West that was being sold by former Citigroup chairman Sandy Weill for a record shattering $88 million had likely found a buyer. Today we can report that the owner of this gorgeous piece of New York real estate is Russian billionaire Dmitriy Rybolovlev, who has bought it for his daughter Ekaterina, at the full asking price. Ekaterina Rybolovleva is a legal resident of Monaco, currently studying at an undisclosed university in the United States. Her spokesman says she will use the apartment primarily as a pied-a-terre when traveling in New York. The deal has rocked the real estate world, clocking in as the largest private transaction in New York City history.

The Numbers Are In: 15 Central Park West Is The Richest Address In Manhattan Real Estate

One thing is certain about Manhattan luxury condominiums -- they are luxurious condominiums located in Manhattan. That particular tautology aside, though, the world of Manhattan luxury real estate can often seem like an especially well-amenitized bit of science fiction -- a sort of parallel universe in which new luxury condos compete for potential buyers by jockeying to see which new condo boasts the most impressive golf simulators, best-landscaped rooftop terraces and highest ceilings. We love it, of course, but it does make even us here at New Construction Manhattan -- whose job, as you've probably noticed -- is to observe and cover this particular scene wonder just how much luxury even this wealthiest of boroughs can afford.

Well, wonder no more. The astronomical figures are in, and a winner has been named. In a recent blog post, Property Shark announced that residents of 15 Central Park West has the highest gross income in Manhattan. Grossing approximately $1,883,936,235 since January 2005, 15 Central Park West beat out The Plaza, the iconically extravagant Fifth Avenue hotel that offers a handful of luxury condo-style residences, by nearly $608 million. And not only does 15 Central Park West have the highest gross income in Manhattan, but in all of America. The average sale price for condos in 15 Central Park West is a little over $8 million. The highest sale in the building was a whopping $45 million for a 39th floor duplex. So, what makes 15 Central Park West so irresistible to the super-rich, you ask?

The New Classics? Is the Glassy Luxury Condominium Out of Fashion?

Luxury Condominium NYC Central Park West 15Imagine walking through New York City in the 1920s. What was different? Well, cars rolled around on what looked like bike tires, women had just received the right to vote, prohibition was in effect, and it was notably harder to find a decent wi-fi signal. But while the Manhattan skyline was notably lower during the Coolidge Administration, the brick and limestone apartment buildings -- today's sought-after pre-war apartment buildings -- were then, and still are, high-style standouts. Which perhaps has something to do with why so many new construction Manhattan condominiums are opting for a look that hearkens back to Manhattan's architectural heyday. Yes, today's classic-style luxury condominiums tend offer all kinds of modern conveniences and luxuries -- the LEED-certified 456 West 19th Street, for instance, pairs classic lines with floor-to-ceiling windows. When it comes to Manhattan condominium aesthetics, though, everything old is seemingly new again.

Upper West Side Story: Architecture Critics, Condo Buyers Love UWS Luxury Condo The Laureate

Manhattan New Construction CondominuumsWe're pretty open here at New Construction Manhattan about our fondness for a number of Upper West Side condominiums. We're not alone in this, of course -- there's a reason why buildings such as the striking pre-war condo conversion The Apthorp, and new construction blockbusters such as The Aldyn and The Element are among the most-visited on New Construction Manhattan, and it's not because we blow them kisses here at the blog. We're pretty fond of The Laureate, a new construction condo on the Upper West Side that recently opened but, again, we're not necessarily the pickiest when it comes to this sort of thing. Still, it's nice when better-c redentialed individuals back up our opinions.

Looking Good: Architecture Critics Praise 535 West End Avenue, The Upper West Side Condo With Classic Chicago Looks

535 WestEnd in the Upper West SideNew York City is a pretty great place, and this is true whether you're searching for a Manhattan condominium or not. But it can also be something of a closed circuit -- if New York is great (and it is), then it would seem to follow that everything that's great here is perhaps a bit greater than everything everywhere else. That's actually true when it comes to pastrami, luxury condominiums and a handful of other things, but of course it's not so across the board. But if you live in Manhattan long enough, it can come to seem that way. So it may give some New York-y New Construction Manhattan readers pause to see the elegant new Upper West Side condominium 535 West End Avenue praised for its Chicago-style aesthetics. Chicago, like the Second City? Yes, like that one: the one with better sausage-related food, a better hockey team and a unique and striking architectural heritage of its own. 535 West End has already emerged as a rising star among Upper West Side condominium listings, but understanding what makes Chicago so uncommonly attractive is a big part of what makes 535 West End Avenue such a looker.