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The Bowery Is Finally On the Rise

250 Bowery leads the way in The Bowery's revivalIt’s time for the kitchen supply stores to move aside. These longtime denizens of the Bowery south of Houston Street have reminded New Yorkers why the famed boulevard got its reputation in the first place, but their days there may be numbered. The Bowery is distancing itself from its past with every passing day. New retail boutiques, high-end restaurants, and hotels are opening up, and luxury apartment buildings are on the way too. And that’s not to mention the New Museum and a Whole Foods. In other words, all the telltale signs of gentrification have surfaced, which means the Bowery will finally join the rest of downtown Manhattan’s real estate boom. The few luxury apartments for sale on the Bowery have already generated a ton of attention, and the ones that have sold so far have done so for prices comparable to trendy Manhattan neighborhoods like SoHo and Tribeca.