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The Cost of Privacy: Getting Lower By The Day, At Least At New Upper East Side Condo Isis

ISIS in the Upper East SideUniqueness is not something most people seek in Upper East Side luxury condos, or at least it's pretty far below luxurious amenities, spacious floor plans, an Upper East Side location and a bunch of other factors. But of all the things that an Upper East Side condo listing can make itself unique, Isis, a new construction condo at 303 East 77th Street, picked a pretty savvy one. By building just 32 condominiums across its 17 floors, Isis made itself one of the most private condominium listings on the Upper East Side. As distinguishing marks go, a spacious condo without a ton of neighbors works pretty well. Now, though, Isis has another unique attribute to its name: where other luxury condos are confidently raising prices, as we reported last week, Curbed reports that Isis is cutting prices dramatically, for the second time since February.