Articles on Affordable Housing

Mayor de Blasio Addresses Luxury Housing

Sunset Park's mega-development

On Tuesday, Feb. 3, Mayor Bill de Blasio addressed market-rate housing and new construction in New York City. He argued that exclusively building luxury housing will only perpetuate the divide between the poor and the privileged. There’s a lot of multimillion-dollar luxury housing driving the market for 2015, specifically in Manhattan, and de Blasio hopes to supplement some of these projects with affordable housing as well.

The Sun Rises for Sunset Park Mega Development & Domino Update

Architect Raymond Chan and his team of Chinese developers are planning an enormous mixed-use development on Eighth Avenue between 61st and 64th streets in Sunset Park.

Essex Crossing: SPURA's New Shape

Essex Crossing is a combined residential-retail space in the making.  Expected to cover the former Seward Park Urban Renewal Area, the $1.1 billion megaproject will sit across 1.65 million square feet, replacing the current scene of parking lots and fewer tenement buildings with a grander, glassy-sleek cityscape.  Architectural firms SHoP Architects, Beyer Blinder Belle, and Handel Architects have been tapped to raise the long-neglected area.  

East River Waterfront - Development Update

Domino Sugar Factory Rendering

TF Cornerstone's Long Island City megadevelopment East Coast has been massively successful in urbanizing the once industrial Queens waterfront. The 21-acre development consists of 7 buildings at the site of the former Pepsi-Cola bottling plant. 4 are already complete-- and they're renting faster than expected. 

A House Divided: The “Poor Door” Controversy in the Upper West Side

Poor Door Controversy on the Upper West Side

While it goes without saying that affordable housing is nearly impossible to find in Manhattan, especially with realty prices soaring, the development project at 40 Riverside Boulevard is offering mixed-income housing with luxury condos and affordable apartments in the same building. Among the 274 planned units of the 33-story building, 219 will be luxury condos on the upper floors facing the Hudson River while the remaining 55 units will be designated as affordable housing units with a designated separate entrance, that has become known as the controversial “poor door.” The site’s developer, Extell, has sparked a classist controversy and outrage for this plan to have income-segregated entrances. Extell plans for a mixed-income building due to the potential tax breaks it will receive through the 421a tax exemption program, yet the perceived separate-but-equal logic of the segregated entrances has produced considerable backlash against Extell.

Affordable Housing on the Edge of Hudson Yards Development

The massive Hudson Yards project will include a large affordable housing programMere weeks away from breaking ground on the first building of the massive Hudson Yards development, the company in charge, Related Cos., has lined up financing for a new residential project right across the street. New York State’s Public Authority Control Board has authorized up to $54 million in tax exempt bonds for the 139-unit tower at 529 W 29th Street. The project is only eligible for these tax-exempt bonds due to the fact that Related is planning to sell some of the apartments to residents in the low to moderate income bracket at affordable rates.