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Soho Style: The Architecture and Design of Soho's New Constructions

Rendering of views from 10 Sullivan Street luxury condominiums in Soho, Manhattan.

There are plenty of spectacular new construction condos in Soho, and even more are on the way. To be sure, we are very fond of Soho’s exceptional cast-iron architecture; but needless to say, we love its new architecture too.

Take a Tour of Greenwich Village’s Finest Homes on May 5

Homes in Greenwich Village

If you have ever walked around in Greenwich Village, it’s pretty certain that you will have come across some rather beautiful, stately looking homes. Now, as grand as they may be to look at from the outside, wouldn’t it be great to see what these homes look like from the inside? Well, for one day in May, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation is now giving you a chance to tour six of the neighborhood’s most famous structures.

The Chocolate Factory at 325 West Broadway in Soho Gets a Facelift

The Chocolate Factory at 325 West Broadway in Soho

Sure, Soho is famous for its abundance of classic architecture, but do you sometimes wish that there were something newer and fancier to look at in the neighborhood? Well, DDG Partners seems to have felt the same way on looking at the dreary stretch containing their Chocolate Factory site on 325 West Broadway—that could explain why they have decided to jazz up the block by reimagining the building as a shiny, modern structure made of aluminum and glass.

The Upper East Side Keeps Its Charm

New condos in the Upper East Side like 135 East 79th Street follow traditional architectural designs as opposed to modernist styles

The architectural sensibility that is showcased in the Upper East Side section of New York City is one that is quite unique and hard to find in the other neighborhoods that populate the city. The neighborhood’s prewar charm and elegance is something residents of the Upper East Side hold very dear, which is why even new buildings in the neighborhood are expected to follow more traditional design styles, as opposed to the modernist structures that are cropping up elsewhere in the city.

First Atlantic Yards Tower to be Tallest Modular Building Ever

Renderings of the modular building planned for the Atlantic Yards ProjectDecember 18th will mark the groundbreaking of the first building in the Atlantic Yards Project. Bruce C. Ratner, chief executive for Forest City Ratner, has big plans for this building. It is set to be the tallest modular building in existence, rising to 32 stories and located at Flatbush Avenue and Dean Street. Currently, the tallest modular building is a 25-story dormitory in Britain. But If Mr. Ratner has “cracked the code”, this could be a huge step forward for affordable housing, unless it means nothing more than more money for developers.

Manhattan Condominium Development Goes Skinny

Development of Manhattan luxury condominiums trending towards skinny designsIn a well-documented, yet unofficial competition in Manhattan’s luxury new construction condominium market, developers are locked in an arms race over who can build the tallest and most impressive new condominium. The most eye-catching buildings offer status to residents and fame to the developers and architects behind the project. One aspect of this competition that has received less attention, however, is the realization by some developers that size isn’t everything. Or at least, vertical size. Many new construction condominiums are not only getting taller; they are also getting skinnier, resulting in a more striking skyline and more opportunities to purchase apartments with stunning views.

Manhattan Townhouse Makeovers: Restoration or Revision?

Are most Manhattan pre-war apartments revisions or restorations?It easy to forget that when we look at a Manhattan pre-war apartment buildings, they lie to us. The majority of a historic building, including both decorative and mechanical elements, has been restored. Buildings need upkeep, and when the times comes for renovation, design choices become a question of both aesthetics and practicality. Under world-renowned architect Rafael Viñoly, this question is answered with his design to replace a 19th-century townhouse on 64th and Lexington with an extremely modernist facade as part of a conversion of the building to office and residential use. The Manhattan brownstone apartments are a historic record--and as residents and citizens, we are active participants in its composition. Given the choice, can and should we “modernize” the pre-war townhouse?

New Gem on the NYC Skyline: 50 UN Plaza

The U.N. will soon have an amazing new condominium as a neighborThanks to both the success and the grandeur of their offerings at 15 Central Park West and 18 Gramercy Park South, real estate developers William Lie and Arthur Zeckendorf have now attained a reputation of being the creators of some of the most luxurious (and most desired) homes in New York City. As a result, the city’s real estate sector is suitably buzzed about their newest development at 50 UN Plaza, located at 345 East 46th Street in Manhattan’s Midtown East neighborhood.

NYC Apartments Not Big Enough? Get an Urban Mansion

Luxury urban mansions in New York City

New York City is a city of contrasts. This is a city where expensive restaurants like the Japanese themed Masa in the Time Warner Center, as well as cheap ones like the many $1 pizza establishments that have sprouted all over New York, can both boast of having a steady and loyal clientele of satisfied customers. In the same vein, it is indeed interesting to note that while some people are distressed over their inability to buy or rent apartments in the city given their rising prices, there are some well-heeled New Yorkers who are going out and buying entire apartment buildings, so as to create their very own exclusive family homes. These are the “urban mansions,” which have hefty price tags but are still cheaper than big name townhouses and co-op penthouses.

Looking Good: Architecture Critics Praise 535 West End Avenue, The Upper West Side Condo With Classic Chicago Looks

535 WestEnd in the Upper West SideNew York City is a pretty great place, and this is true whether you're searching for a Manhattan condominium or not. But it can also be something of a closed circuit -- if New York is great (and it is), then it would seem to follow that everything that's great here is perhaps a bit greater than everything everywhere else. That's actually true when it comes to pastrami, luxury condominiums and a handful of other things, but of course it's not so across the board. But if you live in Manhattan long enough, it can come to seem that way. So it may give some New York-y New Construction Manhattan readers pause to see the elegant new Upper West Side condominium 535 West End Avenue praised for its Chicago-style aesthetics. Chicago, like the Second City? Yes, like that one: the one with better sausage-related food, a better hockey team and a unique and striking architectural heritage of its own. 535 West End has already emerged as a rising star among Upper West Side condominium listings, but understanding what makes Chicago so uncommonly attractive is a big part of what makes 535 West End Avenue such a looker.