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Upper East Side Brings the Art: Museum Mile & Festival

The Upper East Side is home to many New York City attractions, Central Park, Gracie Mansion, and perhaps most famously, Museum Mile.

Qatar to buy Wildenstein Headquarters: Could be NYC’s Most Expensive Purchase

Wildenstein Headquarters - Upper East Side

Distinguished international art dealers, the Wildenstein family, are set to sell their Upper East Side headquarters/townhouse. The limestone fronted building, located on 19 East 64th Street, was constructed in the depression era in 1929 and opened as a gallery in 1932. This sale is slated to be the most expensive sale in NYC, since the $88 million dollar penthouse purchased in 2011 by the daughter of a Russian fertilizer tycoon. This property was not listed, but had an unofficial asking price of $125 million.

Shakespeare Finds His Way to Brooklyn With Theater for a New Audience

After 34 years, the Shakespearean company Theater for a New Audience finally has a place to call home. Performing in Off-Off-Broadway theaters, school gymnasiums, and even a YMCA, it can come back to the Polansky Shakespeare Center in Brooklyn time and time again, because, well, it’s theirs.

New York City's Heirloom, Courtesy of J.P Morgan Pt.2

Impression and cylinder from Mesopotamia

With all the intricacy that we see in the Morgan Library’s architecture and interior designs, we can only conclude that we’ve only seen half of what makes this location such an invaluable edifice. Can you imagine that the actual collection held in all the locations mentioned above actually value more than the building itself? 

The Odder Things In Life: Exploring The Evolution Store In Soho

Embellished skull at the Evolution Store

Undoubtedly, Soho is a location that has a lot to offer. One can choose from the plethora of luxury boutiques and sift through high-end clothing labels. Or one can indulge in the many scents exiting charming restaurants, which pepper the bustling streets. The historic cast-iron buildings are always available for a quick photo-op, and on the right day (or night) celebrity sightings can occur. Yet Soho has something else to offer, which will result in gawking, wondering, and the option of exiting a store with a human skull tucked under your arm.