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Battery Park City Homeowners Coalition Meet Again

The Battery Park City Homeowners Coalition (BPCHC) meets again to extend the deal that was negotiated in 2011. The 2011 deal saved 11 condominiums in Battery Park City (BPC) from spending $804 million over the next three decades on inflating ground rent. The reduction that they received was approximately 35% in savings, and a ground rent payment of $525 over the next 30 years. 

Ritz-Carlton Penthouse Asking for Downtown Record of $56.5 Million

Ritz-Carlton Penthouse

A Battery Park City penthouse in the Ritz-Carlton is listed for an astonishing price of $56.5 million. The duplex condominium has already set one downtown record simply by asking for that amount, but if it sells for or near the asking price, it will set the record for the most expensive downtown sale ever.

Dear Rest of Residential Manhattan, FiDi Has Arrived

People of FiDi

It’s been more than a decade since the attack on the World Trade Center. The towers collapsed into nothing. Smoke billowed up and covered neighboring buildings in the Financial District with dust. Chaos ensued within the neighborhood. Families huddled in nearby apartments, shaken by events going outside their dirtied windows. Those on the streets were tarnished with ashes from above. The future of FiDi seemed bleak as it faded beneath ominous clouds of debris. Moving forward seemed inconceivable.

FiDi Is Fido Friendly

The Financial District has what is needed to help those who received a particular gift this past Valentines Day. If you’re one of the many females who were surprised with the heart-warming face of a new puppy this year, we’ve got some places within FiDi worth checking out.

Battery Park City’s Perennial Green History

Green Living in Battery Park City

Imagine you’re standing somewhere along the ribbon of green that stretches along the southwest tip of Manhattan, looking out to the Statue of Liberty. Now go back to this same spot some 50 years earlier. You are now enjoying the same view while floating in the Hudson. This makes Battery Park City a fascinating example of a planned community with an enduring environmental mission.

Battery Park City Takes Part in Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week has once again returned to New York City, that time of the year when New Yorkers can whet their appetites with fine cuisine for a fraction of the regular prices. The name Restaurant “Week” however, is a bit of a misnomer, since it actually lasts for quite a while. This year, it started on Monday, January 14 and will last until Friday, February 8, so, while time may be running out, there is still plenty left to snag a full, three-course lunch for $25 or a dinner as low as just $38. Here are some of the best Downtown deals Restaurant Week has to offer.     

Top Five Displays of Modern Art in Battery Park City

A view of Battery Park City

From Atlas holding the world on his back in Rockefeller center, to the Charging Bull on Wall Street, New York is not shy about displaying public works of art. Even a district like Battery Park City, a relatively small community, has over 20 pieces of public artwork displayed in its parks. The following five pieces are the most thought-provoking pieces the district has to offer.

Battery Park City Regales New York with History

Battery Park City

New York is famous for its tourism since it houses some of the most famous pieces of American history. Who hasn’t visited the Statue of Liberty or spent the day in the Museum of Natural History? But what about the lesser known pieces of art and culture, hidden in broad daylight for anybody to discover. Take for example a district like Battery Park City, whose top five museums and memorials contain all forms of culture, art, and history.