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A Tourism Industry Grows in Brooklyn

It goes without saying that if you’re a tourist in New York City, chances are your visit will be confined to Manhattan and you won’t think to visit any of the other boroughs. This may soon change, for Brooklyn at least, as the borough is stepping up to challenge the Manhattan-centric tendencies of tourism through an upcoming tourism website named ExploreBK. While Brooklyn already has a tourism website run by the office of the borough president, VisitBrooklyn, the new ExploreBK website is the brainchild of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and Hybrid Media, a private Brooklyn-based company. ExploreBK will target visitors to New York unfamiliar with the entertainment and culture that Brooklyn offers through advertising events and activities throughout the borough.

Best Coffee Shops in Brooklyn

Best Coffee Shops in Brooklyn

If you’re like us, coffee can make or break your day. In a city that moves at a mile-a-minute pace, sometimes caffeine is a necessity. Sure, there’s no shortage of coffee in New York, but we’re on a search for the best coffee the City has to offer. Today’s stop: Brooklyn.

Shakespeare Finds His Way to Brooklyn With Theater for a New Audience

After 34 years, the Shakespearean company Theater for a New Audience finally has a place to call home. Performing in Off-Off-Broadway theaters, school gymnasiums, and even a YMCA, it can come back to the Polansky Shakespeare Center in Brooklyn time and time again, because, well, it’s theirs.

Condo Conversions Underway in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge at Night

Sometimes, developers like to start from scratch, demolishing older buildings or constructing condos on empty lots. Often times, however, old warehouses, churches, factories, etc., are left standing and converted into condos. Brooklyn currently has several conversions underway. Here are four of our favorites:

REBNY Reports Record High Sales in Outer Boroughs

With all those mega high-rises going up in Manhattan and on the newly tapped waterfront areas, it’s easy to forget about New York City’s outer boroughs and the many neighborhoods throughout. We already know that places like Williamsburg and Long Island City are hot markets, but a recent report released by the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) shows that they aren’t the only popular neighborhoods. While Williamsburg and LIC are doubtlessly contributing to the popularity of Brooklyn and Queens, other areas have helped contribute to a 6-year high in home sales. 

Brown Is The New Black: Brooklyn Brownstones 2.0

Brooklyn Brownstone 2.0

Brownstones are an indelible feature of New York City’s distinct architectural landscape. New York City has the largest compilation of brownstones in the United States—by far. They are the primary residential units in Bedford Stuyvesant and the Upper West Side. Harlem, Queens, and the Bronx also host a swath of the iconic homes. Brooklyn, in particular, is defined by its brownstones. They line the streets of Fort Greene, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, and Cobble Hill, and are scattered in bundles from Greenpoint to Red Hook. Many of these brownstones are now the most desirable (and expensive) properties in the borough.

Brooklyn - History and Revival

Historic Brooklyn Waterfront

Brooklyn, or New York’s other face ... It all started out in 1636 as the Dutch began to buy lands across the East River. Six small Dutch towns saw the light, among them “Breuckelen,” which was named after a small village in the Netherlands. The English soon took over and renamed these six towns as “Kings County” in 1664. Kings County’s streets have witnessed the Revolutionary War, and were occupied by British troops until the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783. The county then enjoyed the proximity of New York City in the nineteenth century, with urbanization and industrialization taking precedence as more immigrants started to settle in the borough.

Low Inventory Levels Cause Prices in Brooklyn to Shoot Up

Low Inventory Levels Shoot Up Apartment Prices in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, long seen as the less expensive New York borough when compared to Manhattan, could soon be losing that reputation as prices for apartments in the borough shoot through the roof thanks to a market that’s running short of inventory. Although there’s a lot of demand for homes in Brooklyn, home hunters in the borough are finding that there just aren’t enough vacant apartments for them to move into, thereby giving sellers the upper hand in an increasingly tight real estate market.