Articles on Buying Manhattan Apartments

The Upper East Side Keeps Its Charm

New condos in the Upper East Side like 135 East 79th Street follow traditional architectural designs as opposed to modernist styles

The architectural sensibility that is showcased in the Upper East Side section of New York City is one that is quite unique and hard to find in the other neighborhoods that populate the city. The neighborhood’s prewar charm and elegance is something residents of the Upper East Side hold very dear, which is why even new buildings in the neighborhood are expected to follow more traditional design styles, as opposed to the modernist structures that are cropping up elsewhere in the city.

New Developments on the Rise in New York City

Prized Manhattan condos poised for 2013 debuts

If the listings on this site are any indication, there are certainly a lot of new buildings coming into Manhattan’s real estate arena. To live in a luxury apartment in the city is a dream of many a New Yorker, and these prized new developments are being created to satisfy the demand for these remarkable homes. Recent reports have said that there’s been a rise in the construction of such new residences, with new building permits being issued left, right and center.

International Buyers Making New York City Real Estate Sector Shine

International buyers are dominating Manhattans real estate market

New York City’s real estate sector has been having a great spell over the past few months. Several high profile listings have come into the limelight this past year, with some garnering eyeballs for their astounding heights and others with their stupendous brands of luxury. Besides these, many new construction projects are also being developed, with these swanky new apartments being lapped up as soon as they enter the market. But what’s interesting about the buyers of these ultra deluxe homes is that many of them are not from New York, or even from America—foreign buyers are dominating Manhattan’s real estate scene today.

The Million-Dollar Views of Manhattan

People looking for an apartment in Manhattan often have a long list of features they expect to see in their dream homes. These can range from something simple like wanting a lot of space in their rooms to something more fantastical like wanting a celebrity neighbor! But one of the common things that almost all apartment hunters in the city would like to have is, quite simply, a good view. In a city known for having high-rise buildings standing choc-a-bloc with each other, there is a huge demand from New York’s luxury apartment dwellers for homes that have windows looking out into something more pleasing that another concrete structure.

NYC: Buying Apartments Before They Are Built

New York City real estate trend: Buying luxury apartments before they are built

With residential real estate inventory levels as low as they are in New York City, it seems that people on the lookout for luxury condominiums in Manhattan are now willing to put their money down for homes even before they are actually built. With the demand for apartments showing no signs of diminishing, and the number of actual apartments for sale still at a minimum, people are now putting their hopes for new homes in the many new buildings that are rising up around the city. Besides being very impressive in their design and architecture, these rising structures have also managed to command top dollar in an increasingly competitive real estate market.

Living with the Stars in New York City

Celebrities with Manhattan condominiums

While all of us hope that we get good neighbors when we move into a new apartment building in Manhattan, some of us are luckier than the others in that department. Some of the world’s most recognizable celebrities live in New York City, with many of them living in luxury apartment buildings around Manhattan—just like you! So don’t be surprised if you walk out of your home one morning to run into your favorite star in their pajamas—stranger things have happened, and they seem to all happen right here in New York.

Manhattan Apartments See Highest Quarter Sales Since 2008

Manhattan's real estate market sees highest quarter since 2008

As autumn makes its chilly presence felt in New York City, the skyrocketing prices of the city’s real estate have also cooled down (finally!). After a rollicking summer that saw eye-popping prices being asked for several homes in Manhattan, real estate reports from the third quarter of 2012 say that the prices of condos and co-ops have remained more or less the same, with only a few real estate firms showcasing an increase in prices. This is especially true in the lower and middle end of the market. However, Manhattan apartment sales have continued to rise, reaching a level that is the highest quarterly total since the financial crisis began in 2008.

Manhattan’s Best New Buildings This Fall

Manhattans most anticipated fall building openings

New York City’s real estate market has had it especially good this year. Luxury apartment sales have been on a high throughout the summer, and with rents continuing their steep rise, more and more New Yorkers are choosing to buy homes for themselves. Instead of looking at already established residences for their new apartments, low inventory levels have spurred people to look at homes in the new buildings opening up in the city. While there has certainly been a shortage of new buildings compared to past years, there are several new developments to watch out for this fall in New York City. Here are our choice picks in the borough of Manhattan.

One57: “The Global Billionaires’ Club”

One57 attracts some of the worlds wealthiest

When a residential building has got the reputation of being the tallest of its kind in New York, one would imagine that the building would be content to rest on that title’s laurels alone. But that is hardly the case with One57, the 1,004-foot tower rising like a behemoth in Midtown Manhattan. With magnificently large, full-floor apartments offering residents 360-degree views that include the striking Empire State Building, the lush greenery of Central Park and the stunning Statue of Liberty, these ultra-luxury homes near the top of the building are now being known for attracting the richest from around the world.