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A Yard in the Sky: New York Times on the Terrace as a Must-Have New Condo Amenity

From the beginning of the last NYC condominium boom up to today, Manhattan condos have been locked in a strange and occasionally silly sort of arms race.New York City Luxury Condos Upper East Side with Terace It's not one that puts anybody's lives at risk, thankfully -- this sort of arms race pertains mainly to amenities, and which condominium can have the biggest and best extras to go along with those condos for sale. It makes a certain type of sense, given that there are only so many ways that one luxury condominium for sale can differ from another luxury condominium for sale. And so we get the spectacle of The Aldyn with its 40,000-square-foot fitness center and the Cipriani Club Residences' 20,000-volume library and 20 Pine's private subway entrance. These are all nice things to have in a condominium, of course, which is why the aforementioned rank among the most popular Manhattan condo listings at New Construction Manhattan. But the appeal of those elaborate amenities is a bit more abstract than the simple joys of one of Manhattan's rarest and most sought-after amenities -- a private terrace.

Clean Out Your Desk: Another Art Deco Financial District Office Tower Slated To Become Art Deco Financial District Condo

Financial District CondominiumsNew Construction Manhattan blog readers know that we love Financial District condo listings. This is not entirely because Financial District condos are among the most popular on our site, although that obviously helps, but because condominiums in the Financial District are so unique. In a city that is, for all The New Classics we discussed recently, home to a lot of identikit luxury condominium listings, the apartments for sale in the Financial District stand out because of the architectural distinction of their buildings -- many of them elegant art deco office towers making the switch to condominium (or luxury rental, in some cases). As new condo listings go, therefore, it's generally easier for us to get excited about a new condo conversion in the Financial District than it is over, say, a new construction listing in Murray Hill. (With all due respect to the lovely condo listings of Murray Hill, none of those buildings are National Historic Landmarks, unlike the Cipriani Club Residences) So it's always good news when we can report that another elegant Financial District office building is re-imagining itself as a Financial District condominium. The latest project, as Curbed reports: the stately art deco tower at 119 John Street.