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Hell’s Kitchen’s Newest Condo Developments

Courtesy of: Richard Tarczaly / Flickr

Manhattan's historic Hell's Kitchen neighborhood borders the Hudson River and includes the area situated west of Eighth Avenue between 34th and 59th Streets. Also known as Clinton or Midtown West, Hell's Kitchen is home to an assortment of bars and restaurants which are within close proximity to major Broadway, as well as Off Broadway theater venues. A recent surge in new condominium developments in the area has transformed the enclave's reputation as bustling entertainment hub to that of luxe residential hot spot.

Walker Tower Developers Get $45 Million Loan for Hell’s Kitchen Project

New development at 435 West 50th Street Lands $45 Million Loan

Walker Tower, located at 212 West 18th Street in Chelsea, is one of those Manhattan buildings that are almost always in the spotlight. While architecture enthusiasts in the city can’t stop gushing about the building’s Art Deco representation, the apartments for sale at Walker Tower are among the most talked-about luxury residences in New York City today. So when the developers of Walker Tower announced that they were undertaking the conversion of another Art Deco building on 50th Street and 10th Avenue, it’s easy to see why the city’s real estate sector was ready to sit up and take notice of this new development.

Midtown West: Better Than The Rest?

Midtown West is growing in popularity

There are some blocks in New York City which are thought to be, quite simply, better than the rest. We’ve seen this phenomenon of sorts along locations like Central Park West, where the presence of 15 Central Park West has added an almost incomparable sheen to the Upper West Side neighborhood. It happens all the time downtown too, where real estate is more expensive than ever. But now, it is the Midtown West section of Manhattan that is getting its time in the sun, with the area becoming the location of choice for some of the most fascinating new developments in the city that are currently the talk of the town.

The Comeback Story of The Sheffield

Sheffiled57 in Manhattan is making a comebackWith a distinctive brown-brick and glass facade, the 57-story high-rise condominium  Sheffield57 at West 57th Street and 8th Avenue seems to fit right in in the up-and-coming Clinton neighborhood. But this recent development has a quirky portfolio, and until being foreclosed in late 2009, was steadily heading downhill. The desperate behavior of the building's developers reflected the frustration of a bad market coupled with poor managment, as developer Ken Swigs hired a marching band with trumpets and tubas to drown out the the sound of renters protesting eviction. Later his partner would make headlines (and a court appearance) for throwing a metal ice bucket at him. But under new management, and with a new name, The Sheffield has drastically resurrected sales, which seemed at one time unthinkable.

Manhattan Apartment Sales Return to Pre-Recession Heights

The Visionaire, a luxury condo in ManhattanDespite the nervous stock market this summer, sales in the Manhattan real estate market are positively stable. While the fear of a relapse in the global economic crisis is still very much a reality in the minds of many potential buyers, the numbers indicate that Manhattan homebuyers are not deterred. The latest trend shows that many Manhattan buyers are now taking advantage of the current market situation and favoring three- to four-bedroom apartments instead of the traditional smaller units. Sales in luxury Manhattan apartments are at their highest point since 2008 and apartments on the Upper West Side are closing at an average of $4.8 million or more.

Outdoor Pools: The Summer's Coveted Condo Amenity

Outdoor pools - New Construction ManhattanAs the scorching summer rages on, New Yorkers find themselves searching for the sweet, serene relief that goes hand in hand with swimming. Recently, however, it has become increasingly difficult to find Manhattan apartment listings offering on-site pool facilities. Even more rare are the highly coveted rooftop, outdoor pools. It is more likely, if a building has a pool at all, that it is an indoor unit, a trend that has become increasingly more prevalent.

According to the New York Times, outdoor pools have become a rarity in NYC. In fact, while there are nearly 150 condominiums with pools as an amenity, only about 15 of them are outdoors and several are privately owned townhouses. Those offering outdoor swimming facilities see it as a source of pride -- and therefore use it as a selling point. But as the number of outdoor pools dwindle, the demand for them is rising, and Manhattan new construction buildings are innovating their pool amenities.

High Five: Clinton Luxury Condo The 505 Gets All-Important FHA Approval

The 505 Clinton Luxury Condo, FHA-approved Manhattan CondosIf it seems like it has been awhile since you've read about a new FHA-approved Manhattan condo development at New Construction Manhattan, that would be because it has been awhile. That is, both awhile since we wrote about it, and awhile since a new Manhattan condo qualified for FHA approval. So long, in fact, that you might've forgotten what it means for a condo to qualify for FHA approval. In short -- or at least shorter than this NCM post, which explains it in more detail -- when a condo gets FHA approval, the Federal Housing Administration has deemed the project both healthy and stable enough that condo buyers at said condo project qualify for government-backed loans at very advantageous rates. The list of NYC condos that have received FHA approvallinks to all of the FHA-approved condo listings in New Construction Manhattan's NYC condo database. Now that list has grown by one, as the Clinton luxury condominium The 505 has been granted FHA approval.