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Back In the Game With: 56 Leonard

Construction workers in NYC are constructing a building that looks like it could break the guinness world record for world’s largest jenga tower. 56 Leonard, one of the priciest condominium buildings in Tribeca, is finally continuing construction. After seeing the rendering of this project, the real time version brings the future-esque drawing into reality and gives us something to physically feast our eyes upon.

A Guide to the Stablest, Healthiest Neighborhoods in Manhattan

HL23 building in ManhattanThe Daily News posted a piece recently that compiled a list of the most stable neighborhoods in New York City. These are neighborhoods that are growing, are in consistently high demand for one reason or another, or have some other quality that makes purchasing high-end real estate in them a safe investment. We’ve written before about how the Manhattan real estate market is considerably healthier than both the national market and the economy as a whole, and many investors are now turning towards Manhattan condos for sale rather than the stock market, with their money.

Call in the Professionals: Luxury Amenties Now Include Organized Events

In A wine tasting event at a luxury condominium in New York Citytheory, newly constructed luxury condos in Manhattan have it all. Fitness-centers, roof-decks, yoga-studios, bowling alleys, pet spas; they really might as well be cruise ships. In reality, residents aren’t impressed. In many buildings these luxurious features just haven’t taken, and most of the time these rooms are more or less empty. Developers have been taken aback by the fact that providing extensive amenities packages in their luxury condos, and hence a new kind of lifestyle, isn't enough. So in response to this predicament, building managers are stepping up their game and hiring professional instructors, organizers, and “lifestyle managers” to provide programming for residents. Early results are encouraing: people are finally coming out of their apartments in order to participate in organized events.