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Cool Down and Dive into These Developments With Pools

Escaping the New York City heat seems to be getting harder as August approaches. Cool down with three condominiums that all come with a pool, making those hot summer days a little easier.

Things to do in the Financial District

As one of the oldest neighborhoods in all of Manhattan, the Financial District offers a multitude of things to do—we’ve compiled a list so New Yorkers don’t miss out on what the neighborhood has to offer.

101 Tribeca Adds To FiDi's Residential Skyline


101 TriBeCa, Image by KPF


The Tribeca property formerly known as 101 Murray Street is now 101 Tribeca. The site's new moniker underlines its flagship status amid the plethora of futuristic-looking architectural conversions in the remarkably popular area. New York YIMBY has reported 101 Tribeca's new renderings that reveal a massive gleaming tower that approaches 1000 feet skyward.

Battery Park City Homeowners Coalition Meet Again

The Battery Park City Homeowners Coalition (BPCHC) meets again to extend the deal that was negotiated in 2011. The 2011 deal saved 11 condominiums in Battery Park City (BPC) from spending $804 million over the next three decades on inflating ground rent. The reduction that they received was approximately 35% in savings, and a ground rent payment of $525 over the next 30 years. 

25 Great Jones Street Condos Earn Approval

25 Great Jones Street

In 2007, construction halted on what was planned to be a 14-story hotel at 25 Great Jones Street in NoHo. Ever since then, an incomplete building shell has stood out in the historic district, and not in a good way. The bad news is that the scaffolding isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The good news, however, is that it’s due to the recent approval of new condos for the Lower Manhattan building.

The Hippest Square: $27M in Renovations Planned for Hudson Square

Hudson Square NYC

Last March, City Council gave its stamp of approval on the Hudson Square rezoning after a review process that lasted over half of a year. The rezoning now allows for buildings to rise as tall as 290 feet in the quiet, 18-block neighborhood. While 290 feet is nothing special by New York City standards, the neighborhood is now primed for a major facelift.

Pools, Yoga Studios Top List of Most Wanted Amenities in NYC

Pool at the Riverhouse BPC

According to a recent survey by the Marketing Directors, the most desired building amenity for New Yorkers is a swimming pool. Sure, that holds water.

Is the second most desirable amenity a stretch? Well, sort of.

A yoga studio is second most popular amenity.

Once In a Lifetime Property Listed at 15 Park Row

While the Financial District has seen a surge of commercial-to-residential conversions as of late, here’s one for all the house-flipping enthusiasts out there.

The top two floors of 15 Park Row are for sale at a (relative) bargain price of $19.9 million. Why is that a bargain? Well, the entire space is 10,000 square feet and comes with two of your very own ornate turrets that are three stories a-piece. Making the property even more enticing are the unbeatable views one has from the turrets, private terrace and balconies of Downtown Manhattan. The WTC site, Brooklyn Bridge and City Hall are clearly readily visible while the Empire State Building and Midtown comprise your backdrop. 

Pier 17 Restaurant Holding Up Construction in FiDi

Pier 17 South Street Seaport

A year after Hurricane Sandy, and the South Street Seaport area of the Financial District still hangs in a state of uncertainty. For decades, the Pier 17 shopping mall was a tourist jackpot. It had everything—a prime downtown location, a variety of shops and restaurants, and fantastic waterfront views. Several local businesses benefited from increased foot traffic due to their proximity to Pier 17. Though many businesses were unable to open soon after Sandy, Pier 17 was able to reopen less than a month after the superstorm. The mall had plans to undergo a massive renovation prior to the storm, and continues with those plans today.

Ritz-Carlton Penthouse Asking for Downtown Record of $56.5 Million

Ritz-Carlton Penthouse

A Battery Park City penthouse in the Ritz-Carlton is listed for an astonishing price of $56.5 million. The duplex condominium has already set one downtown record simply by asking for that amount, but if it sells for or near the asking price, it will set the record for the most expensive downtown sale ever.