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Once In a Lifetime Property Listed at 15 Park Row

While the Financial District has seen a surge of commercial-to-residential conversions as of late, here’s one for all the house-flipping enthusiasts out there.

The top two floors of 15 Park Row are for sale at a (relative) bargain price of $19.9 million. Why is that a bargain? Well, the entire space is 10,000 square feet and comes with two of your very own ornate turrets that are three stories a-piece. Making the property even more enticing are the unbeatable views one has from the turrets, private terrace and balconies of Downtown Manhattan. The WTC site, Brooklyn Bridge and City Hall are clearly readily visible while the Empire State Building and Midtown comprise your backdrop. 

Best Coffee Shops in Downtown Manhattan (East Village, West Village and Greenwich Village)

Best Coffee Shops in East Village, Greenwich Village, West Village

In our continuing attempt to find all of New York’s best coffee joints, today, we head to Manhattan’s three villages to find out what delightful concoctions they have to offer. Be it on a rainy day like today, or a sunny spring morning in the future, these three neighborhoods—East Village, West Village and Greenwich Village—have a number of warm, friendly coffee shops where you can enjoy a good, fresh cup of java. Here are our favorite stops for our daily caffeine fixes:

Downtown Manhattan Becomes Pricier Than Uptown

Downtown Manhattan gets pricier than Uptown

It’s long been a rule of thumb that apartments in Uptown Manhattan, especially those around Central Park, see better asking prices than homes in Downtown Manhattan neighborhoods like Soho, Tribeca and Chelsea. But that rule seems to have been broken now—according to a new report in The Real Deal, the average asking price for a Downtown apartment in the last quarter of 2012 became $2,777 per square foot, nearly $100 more than the price per square foot for a similar unit in Uptown or Midtown Manhattan.

Downtown Development Going Up With Or Without The LMCCC

Construction in Downtown Manhattan Set To Continue

Though construction at One World Trade Center winds down, lower Manhattan construction in general isn’t expected to stop anytime soon. In fact, the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center (LMCCC) estimates downtown will see prevalent public and private development, which will result in well over 2,600 residential housing units over the next four years. Despite this forecast, the Command Center does not plan to continue its own work beyond 2013.

In Demand: A Home Address in the Financial District

The financial district is quickly becoming a neighborhood with residential demand

One of the most bustling neighborhoods in New York City, the Financial District has long been a hub for all things business. With the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York both located in this neighborhood, and add to that the chaotic yet vital hubbub that resounds out of Wall Street, it is not really hard to understand why this neighborhood is so important for financial institutions. However, while the neighborhood may be synonymous with the bulls and the bears that run the city, the Financial District is now being increasingly known for another topic altogether: luxury real estate. The charm, elegance and the many landmarks in the Financial District has made it a very desirable place to live in New York City.

The Bowery Is Finally On the Rise

250 Bowery leads the way in The Bowery's revivalIt’s time for the kitchen supply stores to move aside. These longtime denizens of the Bowery south of Houston Street have reminded New Yorkers why the famed boulevard got its reputation in the first place, but their days there may be numbered. The Bowery is distancing itself from its past with every passing day. New retail boutiques, high-end restaurants, and hotels are opening up, and luxury apartment buildings are on the way too. And that’s not to mention the New Museum and a Whole Foods. In other words, all the telltale signs of gentrification have surfaced, which means the Bowery will finally join the rest of downtown Manhattan’s real estate boom. The few luxury apartments for sale on the Bowery have already generated a ton of attention, and the ones that have sold so far have done so for prices comparable to trendy Manhattan neighborhoods like SoHo and Tribeca.

How About a Little Good News for Downtown Manhattan Real Estate?

Downtown Manhattan real estateAs you may have gathered, we here at NCM like to spread good news, especially when it comes to the New York City real estate market. And, believe it or not, there's always good news to be found. Take the Downtown 2020 report--funded by the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute and Baruch College’s business school -- for instance.