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Boutique East Village Condo Offers High End Luxury

Looking for a more intimate home within the crowded city? Look no further than 32 East 1st Street in the East Village. At this new condominium, residents enjoy cozy, intimate apartments in one of the best neighborhoods in Downtown Manhattan.

From Holy Beginnings to Luxury Residences

An exterior rendering of Steiner East Village Williams New York

Avenue A is currently undergoing a major transformation with new developments and high-end retail. Along with Extell’s two residential towers at 500 East 14th Street, which will also be home to the future Target, comes the newest development project, the Steiner East Village.

The Jefferson Is No Longer The "East Village Mystery Lot"

The Jefferson Luxury Apartments

For years, the lot at 211 East 13th Street sat unused, prompting the “East Village Mystery Lot” nickname, but today, everything appears to be moving along just fine. The Jefferson--denominated as such for the site’s vaudeville history as the Jefferson Theatre--has updated its teaser page to a fully operational website complete with pricing, floor plans, and several renderings for the upcoming East Village condo.

3 Village Condo Buildings Finally Hitting the Market

Developing property in Manhattan is anything but a straightforward process. Miles of red tape, financial issues, protests from neighbors and construction delays are par for the course, and setbacks are simply a part of the ordeal. Still, some buildings do seem to take an inordinate amount of time to come to fruition. Here are three properties hitting the market this spring that we have been waiting for with great anticipation.

Will New York be Ready for the Next Hurricane Sandy?

Subway systems were flooded by Hurricane SandyHurricane Sandy has come and gone and the Tri-State area is slowly picking itself back up. Only one question really remains at this point: will New York City be prepared for the next Hurricane Sandy? Initial reports are not necessarily good, especially with the current state of affairs in New York City. So far, there are 85 dead and counting, over $60 billion in damages, a subway system that is still not fully operational a week after it shut down, and raging fires in Queens. To top it all off, a substation belonging to Con Ed vital to keeping the lights on blew up in the East Village during the first few hours of the storm. While the firemen, police officers, and emergency workers deserve enormous amounts of respect for their service, all of this still begs the question, will New York be ready for the next Hurricane Sandy?

A Block-By-Block Breakdown of the Recovery

Manhattan Apartment Sales Volume has varied greatly by neighborhoodGoing by the numbers, 2009 was a long time ago. Sales volume in Manhattan has rebounded by 36.8% since the crash stalled the real estate sales market across-the-board; condo and co-op sales fell 28% from 2008 to 2009. In 2009 there were 7,430 sales of Manhattan apartments, but in 2011 sales volume reached 10,161 units. That’s a great sign in a time of tight inventory and even tighter credit, which is why we at New Construction Manhattan have confidence that this trend will continue. But, as any apartment buyer in Manhattan knows, there is no one single Manhattan sales market; everything here depends upon location. Each neighborhood in Manhattan has recovered at a different rate, and the fastest recovering neighborhoods may surprise you, as may the slowest; there’s only one neighborhood in Manhattan where sales have declined continually since 2009, and it’s probably not the one you expect.

Outdoor Pools: The Summer's Coveted Condo Amenity

Outdoor pools - New Construction ManhattanAs the scorching summer rages on, New Yorkers find themselves searching for the sweet, serene relief that goes hand in hand with swimming. Recently, however, it has become increasingly difficult to find Manhattan apartment listings offering on-site pool facilities. Even more rare are the highly coveted rooftop, outdoor pools. It is more likely, if a building has a pool at all, that it is an indoor unit, a trend that has become increasingly more prevalent.

According to the New York Times, outdoor pools have become a rarity in NYC. In fact, while there are nearly 150 condominiums with pools as an amenity, only about 15 of them are outdoors and several are privately owned townhouses. Those offering outdoor swimming facilities see it as a source of pride -- and therefore use it as a selling point. But as the number of outdoor pools dwindle, the demand for them is rising, and Manhattan new construction buildings are innovating their pool amenities.