Articles on Emerging Manhattan Neighborhoods

Nouveau-Whitney: Bigger, Stronger & Neighborhood-Friendly

George Bellows Dempsey and Firpo via Wikimedia Commons

The new Whitney Museum, designed by Renzo-Piano and currently under construction at the southernmost end of the High Line, is slated to open in the Spring of 2015. Recently, architect Scott Newman of Cooper, Robertson and Partners and Larissa Gentile (building’s project manager) gave a detailed project overview as part of Archtober presentation. The new museum is located at Gansevoort and Washington Streets.

Battery Park City Homeowners Coalition Meet Again

The Battery Park City Homeowners Coalition (BPCHC) meets again to extend the deal that was negotiated in 2011. The 2011 deal saved 11 condominiums in Battery Park City (BPC) from spending $804 million over the next three decades on inflating ground rent. The reduction that they received was approximately 35% in savings, and a ground rent payment of $525 over the next 30 years. 

More Residential Space Included in Amendments to Midtown East Rezoning Proposal

Midtown East Rezoning Proposal

After receiving a number of critiques against the Midtown East rezoning proposal, New York City’s Department of City Planning announced on Thursday an amended version of the plan which aims for an overhaul of the real estate scene between Second and Fifth Avenues, going all the way from 37th Street to 57th Street. In the newly released version of the proposal, care has been taken to address some of the concerns critics made about the original, which the city hopes will make the proposal’s passage a less painful affair.

You Age Well, Murray Hill

Post card  NYPL

Home to many of the diplomatic missions of the United Nations, Murray Hill has long been known for its residential dwellings. Mid-rise buildings provide a decent view of the street life, while allowing the neighborhoods select high-rise the opportunity to give its residents the perfect view of New York City and the East River. It is a very quiet neighborhood, with statistics that prove Murray Hill to be one of the safest in New York City itself. Lastly, with its cheaper rent, Murray Hill is quickly becoming a popular to residents looking for a safe, quiet, and fun place to live in.

A Block-By-Block Breakdown of the Recovery

Manhattan Apartment Sales Volume has varied greatly by neighborhoodGoing by the numbers, 2009 was a long time ago. Sales volume in Manhattan has rebounded by 36.8% since the crash stalled the real estate sales market across-the-board; condo and co-op sales fell 28% from 2008 to 2009. In 2009 there were 7,430 sales of Manhattan apartments, but in 2011 sales volume reached 10,161 units. That’s a great sign in a time of tight inventory and even tighter credit, which is why we at New Construction Manhattan have confidence that this trend will continue. But, as any apartment buyer in Manhattan knows, there is no one single Manhattan sales market; everything here depends upon location. Each neighborhood in Manhattan has recovered at a different rate, and the fastest recovering neighborhoods may surprise you, as may the slowest; there’s only one neighborhood in Manhattan where sales have declined continually since 2009, and it’s probably not the one you expect.

Meet the Government Agency That's Quietly Transforming Manhattan

Manhattan real estate is being transformed by the Economic Development CorporationMayor Bloomberg has always had an unshakable faith in the power of the free market, entrepreneurship, and the nascent tech-industry. Perhaps that’s why he’s doubled the budget of a little known government body during the course of his administration, giving over $500 million in taxpayer dollars annually for capital projects. It's time to get familiar with the New York City Economic Development Corporation, an organization specifically designed to stimulate the economy of New York City, but one that is controversial insofar as it straddles the murky area between the public and private realm, making it powerful and inaccessable at the same time.

Park Avenue Apartments For Everyone: New York Times Charts The Rise of Park Avenue South

Park Avenue NYC Luxury ApartmentsA Park Avenue apartment is a Park Avenue apartment, but when people brag, dote and obsess on the idea of a Park Avenue condominium, they're not talking about the comparatively modest stretch of Park Avenue south of Grand Central Station. Long considered a poor relative of the “real” Park Avenue of the Upper East Side, Park Avenue South has lately stepped out as an address worth attention in its own right -- both because apartments for sale on Park Avenue South offer some decent value per square foot, and has lately come into its own as a place to live and socialize. Convenient, walkable and steadily breaking its associations with unromantic Midtown East, Park Avenue South is finally getting its due.