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Manhattan Buyers Are Choosing LEED Certified Buildings

Green Leed Certified Luxury NYC BuildingsLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or more commonly known as simply LEED, is one of the biggest buzzwords in real estate right now. In short, it is a set of strategies that are used to evaluate real estate development projects on their effort towards environmental friendliness. In order for a building to be considered LEED certified, it must pass a series of required prerequisites and elective credits set by the U.S. Green Building Council. Once a building has been approved by the Green Building Council, it will then be confirmed and decreed by the Green Building Certification Institute as officially certified. While many people have heard of LEED certified buildings, few New Yorkers can confidently identify the characteristics of green buildings.

Why NYC Green Apartments Are Great For Non-Greenies, Too

Green apartments in NYCGreen Buildings? Sounds nice and all, but what can they offer homebuyers who aren't all that worried about the environment? Plenty... from better air and water to long-term savings due to efficiency. Check out Shades of Green: Builders, buyers differ on importance of eco-friendly living on Daily News, for some accounts from real buyers like yourself. What comes through from these buyers is clear: buying Green means buying a part of a great building. That it's terrific for the environment is a big bonus, too. Here's a good clip:

WANTED: Early Adopters of New York City's Green Real Estate

New York City's early adopters of green real estate

Good article from The Real Deal... Greening the city means getting realistic. A clip:

But while the commercial real estate market is already taking steps to go green, [Daniel Kaplan, senior partner at FXFowle Architects] said, the residential market isn't focused on greening yet, tending to rely on traditional selling points instead. "It's always puzzling to us that the residential market hasn't caught up to this [green trend]."

New York City Landmarks and Apartments Go Dark to Go Green

Green apartments in New YorkOn Saturday, March 28, going lights out for a night meant going Green for many NYC landmarks and high-end condominium buildings. Beginning at 8:30 p.m., the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, many Times Square billboards, and the decorative light necklaces on the East River bridges shut off their lights for an hour.

Why It's So Easy Being Green in a Manhattan Condo

greenYou know how so many great ideas are ahead of their time? That's kind of how Manhattan condos are. We've always known they're great investments and great places to live. But we didn't really know what we had until we started thinking Green. When some genius designed the first condo (bear with me!), he or she used smart economic principles to create homes that could share resources. Walls, heat, water. Security. Even luxury amenities. You name it. Lo and behold, we've found that the condominium's design is the perfect Green square one. Let's look at how the average condo is great for the environment... then, we'll see how modern developers are taking it a step Greener.