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Get Your Wallet Ready For The Fashion District

Manhattan's Garment District at Night

Once the world’s fashion center, the Garment District has lost its number one place but it still enjoys its number one place in the heart of New-Yorkers since it is home to the majority of showrooms and to numerous major fashion labels. 

This tiny district will make your head spin with its tremendous shopping options. You probably won’t know where to start, but fear not fashionistas... New York has it all planned for you. A selection of the best shopping tours is here. 

What Is It About Soho?

Streets of Soho

It’s a fun word to say, that’s a given. Lets say it again: So-ho. But there’s something else about this neighborhood which causes people to flock to it on a nearly religious basis. Very rarely will you run into a New Yorker unable to point you in the direction of the neighborhood’s cast-iron buildings, cobblestone streets, high-end shopping, and highly sought after loft apartments. From Prada to Puma; Chanel to Converse; Swarovski to Stussy, Soho managed to raise itself into a trendy neighborhood with a casual air.