Articles on Financial District Apartments

Homes At 130 William Street Hit The Market

In January, it was announced that a new, unique concrete structure would be coming to the Financial District. While the building has still yet to be completed, homes inside have hit the market.

Once In a Lifetime Property Listed at 15 Park Row

While the Financial District has seen a surge of commercial-to-residential conversions as of late, here’s one for all the house-flipping enthusiasts out there.

The top two floors of 15 Park Row are for sale at a (relative) bargain price of $19.9 million. Why is that a bargain? Well, the entire space is 10,000 square feet and comes with two of your very own ornate turrets that are three stories a-piece. Making the property even more enticing are the unbeatable views one has from the turrets, private terrace and balconies of Downtown Manhattan. The WTC site, Brooklyn Bridge and City Hall are clearly readily visible while the Empire State Building and Midtown comprise your backdrop. 

FiDi Restaurants and Nightlife - The Old and the New

Inside Delmonico's

As its very name suggests, the Financial District is not necessarily known for its fine dining and nightlife. And yet, Fidi features a broad array of destinations that range from historic restaurants and fine dining to trendy nightlife. The clock may have run out on these places for Valentine’s Day, but here are a few of the more popular destinations for a convenient dinner or date after work.

Top Local Luxury Businesses In FiDi

South Street Seaport Shopping

New York City may seem overwhelming to shoppers with a wide array of shops on every corner, each with its own unique speciality. So we made it easy for you. Here's our favorite luxury local businesses in the Financial District.

80 South Street Tower Climbs Closer to Reality

80 South Street by Morali Architects

It’s been almost five years since Santiago Calatrava’s proposed tower at 80 South Street was scrapped, but the project is showing new signs of life in the hands of Morali Architects. If the most recent proposal is approved, the Financial District will boast a 998-foot tall skyscraper in the height-lacking eastern side.