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Best Spots in the Financial District to Watch The Super Bowl

Best spots in the Financial District to watch the Super Bowl

It’s only Friday, but the question uppermost on everyone’s minds today is: “Where are we going to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday?” After all, the annual championship game of the National Football League is more than just an exciting sports match—it’s a time to get together with friends and family, have some great food and drink, and, well, just have some fun!! As the Financial District is our Neighborhood of the Month, we have picked up some great Downtown Manhattan spots where you catch all the splendor of Super Bowl XLVII and have a rocking good time:

The Novel Approach: Authors and Realtors Join Forces in Marketing Events

Realtors are using author readings during showings of manhattan apartmentsIn the ever-evolving Manhattan real estate market, traditional open houses are becoming archaic. Some realtors have found innovative ways to subliminally advertise their listings to New Yorkers who are unaware of what the city’s busiest borough has to offer. The most popular of these marketing events are book readings by famous authors. These events provide realtors with a fresh perspective on how to market their listings.

The Civic Center is Waking Up

Civic Center in Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan is continuing to birth new projects, adding to the culture and style that is already present in this area. Civic center, is near City Hall, the neighborhood north of the Financial District, and it has been attracting a lot of attention lately from people excited about what’s happening in Lower Manhattan. Civic Center is known for its quiet yet charming traits. This sleepy area has been brought to life with all of the new developments that are emerging, including retail which is sure to follow. The entrance to Civic Center is near the Brooklyn Bridge, making it easy to commute from one borough to the next.

In Demand: A Home Address in the Financial District

The financial district is quickly becoming a neighborhood with residential demand

One of the most bustling neighborhoods in New York City, the Financial District has long been a hub for all things business. With the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York both located in this neighborhood, and add to that the chaotic yet vital hubbub that resounds out of Wall Street, it is not really hard to understand why this neighborhood is so important for financial institutions. However, while the neighborhood may be synonymous with the bulls and the bears that run the city, the Financial District is now being increasingly known for another topic altogether: luxury real estate. The charm, elegance and the many landmarks in the Financial District has made it a very desirable place to live in New York City.

Luxury Condos Coming Soon to the Woolworth Building

Luxury Condos are on the way to the iconic Woolworth BuildingThe Woolworth Building, much like the Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building, has been one of the most iconic buildings dotting the New York City skyline. While it is one of the oldest skyscrapers in the whole of the United States, it also is one of the 50 tallest buildings in the country as well. Designed by the acclaimed American architect, Cass Gilbert, the Woolworth Building is a classic neo-Gothic construction and truly deserves both its National Historic and New York City landmark statuses.

Warren Street Becomes Home to New Luxury Developments

Along with 101 Warren Street, a slew of new developments are set to take hold on Warren StreetWarren Street is headed for a makeover. As a neighborhood, Tribeca has rarely ever held a large deal of new and available inventory. However, this area of Lower Manhattan has recently become a bit of a residential hub. As the World Trade Center has been built and revitalized, so too has this region of Tribeca which has received a good deal of economic investment, reinvigorating the business district of Manhattan as a whole. Despite its busy and commercial nature, Warren Street has been primed for a slew of new construction and ultra-luxury condominiums.

Battery Park City Realizes Its Potential

Battery Park City in New York CityEnter Battery Park City, the world of business professionals and a choice condo market in Manhattan. With its close proximity to the Financial District and all the stirrings of Wall Street, the neighborhood is a hotbed of activity, filled with the discussions of bank analysts and the activities and young professionals and new families. A progressive neighborhood through and through, Battery Park City is filled with residents that exhibit a youthful and forward-thinking lifestyle, and Battery Park City’s condo market is an trendy choice for residents seeking to experience the liveliness of Lower Manhattan.

A Guide to the Stablest, Healthiest Neighborhoods in Manhattan

HL23 building in ManhattanThe Daily News posted a piece recently that compiled a list of the most stable neighborhoods in New York City. These are neighborhoods that are growing, are in consistently high demand for one reason or another, or have some other quality that makes purchasing high-end real estate in them a safe investment. We’ve written before about how the Manhattan real estate market is considerably healthier than both the national market and the economy as a whole, and many investors are now turning towards Manhattan condos for sale rather than the stock market, with their money.

If You Build It, They Might Come

Manhattan neighborhood and district zoning mapWe talk a lot about New Construction in Manhattan on this blog, mostly because it’s our name, but also because we find it interesting to research certain areas that are growing or have interesting developments under construction or in the works. Yet for all of that, none of New Construction Manhattan’s posts have ever actually compared neighborhood growth, whether it be a comparing specific areas or comparing one neighborhood against Manhattan as a whole. With new and updated mapping and data collection techniques, the 2010 Census was able to accurately depict a number of important statistics, including housing unit growth and vacancy as well as overall population growth.

Unfortunately, the Census didn’t exactly get a warm and welcome response. City officials, including the Mayor, a number of City Councilmembers, and some borough presidents derided what was seen as a vast undercount. Luckily, the areas in which they saw these errors are not in Manhattan, so the following numbers should be pretty accurate, and in any case, they seem to confirm what we’ve been predicting all along.

Are Two Bedrooms Now Number One in the Manhattan Condo Market?

After the 2008 market crash the prices of one-bedrooms and studios recovered fairly quickly, but the two-bedroom has held out until now. According to The Real Deal, overall inventory of apartments has grown by 13.4 percent since March, but the inventory of two-beds has grown much slower. True to the laws of economics, the ever-present high demand of Manhattan real estate coupled with a low supply means that prices of Manhattan two-bedrooms has hit a new peak -- and the competition to secure one is getting fierce. The New York Times interviewed Tracie Hamersley, a senior vice president of Citi Habitats, whose two-bedroom listing in Murray Hill closed at the asking price after only a single week on the market. It was the buyer’s third attempt at securing a two-bedroom.