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Go East: Lower Manhattan's East River Park Just About Finished

You live in an apartment in the Financial District. Or a condo on the Lower East Side. Or are browsing East Village condo listings. Congratulations: you have good taste, both in Manhattan neighborhoods and in NYC real estate listings sites. Let's continue. You're looking for a Manhattan apartment that offers more than, you know, an apartment and a fistful of amenities. You'd like some green space in your neighborhood. Check. You like to jog. Check. You play basketball, say, soccer. Check. You enjoy lounging, or fishing, just taking in some river views. Check, check, check please. There is a park near your apartment where you can do all these things. Check... almost. Yes, work on the East River Park is almost done.

Shovel Ready: Meet 20 Pine, The Weather-Proof Financial District Luxury Condo

Snow at the 96th Street Subway StationWith one mega-blizzard down and a few slightly less 'zardy snowfalls in both the past and immediate future (at least as this post goes live), it's fair to say that winter has arrived in New York City. New Yorkers know what this means -- it means frequent reiterations of "snowpocalypse"-grade weather hyperbole, and it means subway delays and wet socks, and slush and wet socks and all kinds of other fun stuff. There are some considerably more appealing things about snow in NYC, of course -- a walk on the quiet streets (in waterproof boots, naturally), that sort of thing -- but for the most part, New Yorkers' have one goal in mind when it comes to snow, and that goal is avoiding it. Which brings us to 20 Pine, which is unique among condo listings in the Financial District not just for being an especially artful renovated luxury condo, but for having a luxury that many New Yorkers will wish they had on snowy mornings to come -- private subway access.

One Healthy Beaver: William Beaver House Bailed Out, Back On Track

William Beaver House in Manhattan During the boom years of the last decade, a host of new construction condos (and an impressive number of pre-war condo conversions, such as the Cipriani Club Residences) sprang up in the Financial District. What these new Financial District condo listings had in common -- besides locations in what is, for your blogger's money, the most interesting-looking neighborhood in Manhattan -- was a certain youthful, high-energy vibe. During the boomingest of the boom years, this meant that FiDi condo listings such as Be@William functioned as well-amenitized dorms for high-earning twentysomethings. But as the economy has cooled, the Financial District has grown up into a very different and much cooler place to live. After a recent infusion of cash that amounted to a soft transfer of ownership, it looks like William Beaver House -- a New Construction Manhattan favorite and one of the superstar Financial District apartment listings of the previous decade -- will get a shot to mature along with the neighborhood it helped put on the map.

Slow, Steady, But Real: Wall Street Journal Examines The Ongoing NYC Condo Market Recovery

Slow and steady in the NYC real estate raceWait, we're still talking about this summer's market for Manhattan apartments? NYC condominium sales in August? You're sure? Strangely, but inarguably, the answer is yes -- unlike with rental statistics, the indicators on the market for Manhattan apartments are a bit longer in gestation, and... well, yes, this is going to be a blog post about a recent report on the NYC condominium market for August, but it's also a post about the most recent statistics we have on apartments for sale in Manhattan. Real estate is funny that way. And what is in this report? Good news, less-good news, and more proof that -- slowly, steadily and undeniably -- the Manhattan condo market is returning to health. So, then. Cast your mind back to this summer -- it was warmer, the Mets were still bumming everybody out, and the expiration of the first-time home-buyer tax credit sent apartment sales cratering in July, to the tune of a 34% decline in sales. Which everyone expected -- the first-time home-buyer tax credit had just expired, if you're just joining us -- but which was also the biggest decline since Radar Logic began tracking these stats in 2000. This means that it would have been just about impossible not to see some sort of improvement in August -- and there was some improvement in August. As it turned out, it was the kind that those searching for NYC condos would most want to see -- one in which prices increased marginally, while sales increased at a faster rate.

(Re)Birth of a Neighborhood: Hudson Square Is Ready For Its Close-Up

THudson Square birds eye viewhe first rule of Manhattan real estate -- of real estate in general -- is said to be "location, location, location." Which, as conventional wisdom goes, isn't the silliest thing in the world. But Manhattan real estate observers could be forgiven, in recent years, for believing that at least one of those "location"'s could be swapped out for "branding." New Manhattan neighborhoods are nothing new -- New York City is a study in flux, and all it takes is one zoning decision and a few bold real estate developers to turn a neighborhood like the nowheresville around the Lincoln Tunnel entrance into "The Linc," a newly branded Manhattan neighborhood between Chelsea and Midtown West that comes complete with its own new construction condo listings and superstar condos such as The Atelier. What sets Hudson Square apart from The Linc, besides a much cooler name, is that this new neighborhood is actually one of Manhattan's oldest. Hudson Square is, for all intents and purposes, West Soho.

What's Hot Where In Manhattan Apartments: StreetEasy Runs It Down, From Upper East Side 2BRs to Financial District Studios

ManhattanHere at the New Construction Manhattan job, we do a lot of bird's eye view stuff -- or Top of The Nouvel's Eye View, if you prefer. That is, lots of stuff on the big trends in Manhattan real estate -- mortgage rates are down, NYC condo sales are spiking, and so on. But of course Manhattan real estate -- and certainly searching for NYC condos, which is probably why you're at New Construction Manhattan -- is not a top-of-the-Nouvel experience. The process of finding the right Manhattan apartment is a hugely personal, finely individuated and finally very human-scale process.

Clean Out Your Desk: Another Art Deco Financial District Office Tower Slated To Become Art Deco Financial District Condo

Financial District CondominiumsNew Construction Manhattan blog readers know that we love Financial District condo listings. This is not entirely because Financial District condos are among the most popular on our site, although that obviously helps, but because condominiums in the Financial District are so unique. In a city that is, for all The New Classics we discussed recently, home to a lot of identikit luxury condominium listings, the apartments for sale in the Financial District stand out because of the architectural distinction of their buildings -- many of them elegant art deco office towers making the switch to condominium (or luxury rental, in some cases). As new condo listings go, therefore, it's generally easier for us to get excited about a new condo conversion in the Financial District than it is over, say, a new construction listing in Murray Hill. (With all due respect to the lovely condo listings of Murray Hill, none of those buildings are National Historic Landmarks, unlike the Cipriani Club Residences) So it's always good news when we can report that another elegant Financial District office building is re-imagining itself as a Financial District condominium. The latest project, as Curbed reports: the stately art deco tower at 119 John Street.

NYC Condo Scene: Transactions Are Booming, New Unit Sales Are Lagging. How Does That Happen?

Transactions are booming while new unit sales are lagging.Ah, the New York City condo scene -- it's chaotic, but it does at least keep the New Construction Manhattan blog busy enough. Of late, you might've noticed a number of posts suggesting that the market for NYC condos is heating up after a long recession precipitated a buyer's market in Manhattan condominiums. What has been anecdotal for the past few months got a little bit more quantified thanks to a study by NYC real estate researchers Radar Logic which showed NYC condo transactions rising an astonishing 146 percent over the past year.