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Pier 17 Restaurant Holding Up Construction in FiDi

Pier 17 South Street Seaport

A year after Hurricane Sandy, and the South Street Seaport area of the Financial District still hangs in a state of uncertainty. For decades, the Pier 17 shopping mall was a tourist jackpot. It had everything—a prime downtown location, a variety of shops and restaurants, and fantastic waterfront views. Several local businesses benefited from increased foot traffic due to their proximity to Pier 17. Though many businesses were unable to open soon after Sandy, Pier 17 was able to reopen less than a month after the superstorm. The mall had plans to undergo a massive renovation prior to the storm, and continues with those plans today.

World Financial Center Revamp Underway

World Financial Center Marketplace to be run by Peter Poulakakos

There was a time when the Financial District was just known for its bulls and bears—today, however, the neighborhood is making a name for itself as a very desirable residential location as well. The area is home to several great luxury condos, and residents here get to enjoy a neighborhood that’s filled with fantastic restaurants, cutting-edge bars, great cafés and more. Now, foodies in the Financial District will soon be having a new place to converge at—the 30,000 square foot marketplace at the World Financial Center.

FiDi Has The Happiest Hours

Tasty Happy Hour Drinks

Most New Yorkers dream of Friday as they sway on full train carts, weave through crowded streets, and stare aimlessly at a computer screen for eight hours. Dream no more my friends, for Friday is here and that glorious beacon of hope we call the weekend is approaching. But, before we rush into Saturday, let us first make a toast for our survival of this week during happy hour. Here are some places down in FiDi which have impressive happy hour specials.

Dear Rest of Residential Manhattan, FiDi Has Arrived

People of FiDi

It’s been more than a decade since the attack on the World Trade Center. The towers collapsed into nothing. Smoke billowed up and covered neighboring buildings in the Financial District with dust. Chaos ensued within the neighborhood. Families huddled in nearby apartments, shaken by events going outside their dirtied windows. Those on the streets were tarnished with ashes from above. The future of FiDi seemed bleak as it faded beneath ominous clouds of debris. Moving forward seemed inconceivable.

Best Coffee Shops in the Financial District

Tired of the coffee brews you are getting at places like Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks in the Financial District? Well then, you’re in luck: step away from those chain stores and check out our list of the best coffee shops in the neighborhood!! Sure, these cafés won’t be found on every block, but rest assured that visiting these shops will give you a truly rewarding caffeine experience.

Downtown Development Going Up With Or Without The LMCCC

Construction in Downtown Manhattan Set To Continue

Though construction at One World Trade Center winds down, lower Manhattan construction in general isn’t expected to stop anytime soon. In fact, the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center (LMCCC) estimates downtown will see prevalent public and private development, which will result in well over 2,600 residential housing units over the next four years. Despite this forecast, the Command Center does not plan to continue its own work beyond 2013.

FiDi Is Fido Friendly

The Financial District has what is needed to help those who received a particular gift this past Valentines Day. If you’re one of the many females who were surprised with the heart-warming face of a new puppy this year, we’ve got some places within FiDi worth checking out.

FiDi Restaurants and Nightlife - The Old and the New

Inside Delmonico's

As its very name suggests, the Financial District is not necessarily known for its fine dining and nightlife. And yet, Fidi features a broad array of destinations that range from historic restaurants and fine dining to trendy nightlife. The clock may have run out on these places for Valentine’s Day, but here are a few of the more popular destinations for a convenient dinner or date after work.

Top Local Luxury Businesses In FiDi

South Street Seaport Shopping

New York City may seem overwhelming to shoppers with a wide array of shops on every corner, each with its own unique speciality. So we made it easy for you. Here's our favorite luxury local businesses in the Financial District.

Sandy Battered Financial District Moves Toward Recovery

Hurricane Sandy Construction

Mayor Bloomberg has announced federal plans for a $1.8 billion Sandy relief fund to be allocated for New York City. While eligibility details will not be concrete until the U.S. Department of Housing approves the plan in April or May, this is a step in the right direction for hard hit neighborhoods, such as the Financial District.