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Best Coffee Shops in the Garment District

Best Coffee Shops in the Garment District

Stretching from 34th Street to 42nd Street between Fifth and Ninth Avenues, the Garment District occupies a very small section of Midtown Manhattan, and New Yorkers often complain that there aren’t any good coffee shops to be found in this neighborhood. But that is not really true—because hidden amidst the fabric shops and the chain restaurants that populate the Garment District are some really good coffee establishments—you just need to look a little harder for them!

Get Your Wallet Ready For The Fashion District

Manhattan's Garment District at Night

Once the world’s fashion center, the Garment District has lost its number one place but it still enjoys its number one place in the heart of New-Yorkers since it is home to the majority of showrooms and to numerous major fashion labels. 

This tiny district will make your head spin with its tremendous shopping options. You probably won’t know where to start, but fear not fashionistas... New York has it all planned for you. A selection of the best shopping tours is here. 

On Trend: Happy Hour in the Garment District

New York's Garment District once served as the hub of American fashion design and production. Yet today, thanks to the economic benefits of overseas production, many brands have embraced global expansion and neglected their midtown roots (although many designers still remain in the area). Luckily, the square mile sartorial playground, bordered by neighborhoods like Murray Hill and Chelsea, is always expanding, and it has become a solid spot for scoring great happy hour deals. In fact, with so many different places to choose from, you might just have to treat every day like it's a Friday.

The Garment District: What’s in a Name?

Garment District Statue

Almost indistinguishable from its Midtown surroundings, the Garment District is a borderless nook struggling to hold on to its floundering identity. Sometimes referred to as the Fashion District, the tiny neighborhood’s bounds are loosely considered to be between Fifth and Ninth Avenue, and 34th to 42nd Street. It’s hard to imagine, especially when one considers the current economic state of this district, that it was once the epicenter of fashion design and textile manufacturing. Now, the Garment District carries the name of waning industry, and its residents struggle to inject life back into it.

The Fashion District Keeps the Needle Moving

Garment District Information Stand

The Garment District also known as the Fashion District takes up one square mile in NYC and runs from 5th ave to 9th ave and from 34th Street. to 42nd Street.  New York City is considered to be the fashion capital of the United States and its 14 billion dollars in annual sales makes it the top city in the fashion business.  Some major labels such as Calvin Klein, Donna Karen and Liz Claiborne have showrooms and production facilities in the Garment District.   

Battery Park City Regales New York with History

Battery Park City

New York is famous for its tourism since it houses some of the most famous pieces of American history. Who hasn’t visited the Statue of Liberty or spent the day in the Museum of Natural History? But what about the lesser known pieces of art and culture, hidden in broad daylight for anybody to discover. Take for example a district like Battery Park City, whose top five museums and memorials contain all forms of culture, art, and history.