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A Look Into Gramercy's Most Glamorous Condos

Facade of Sky House, 11 East 29th Street

In part 2 of our Spotlight on Gramercy, we’re showcasing buildings that encapsulate the neighborhood’s classic charm and modern luxury.

Gramercy Park Gets A Luxe Condo Conversion of Cabrini Medical Center

Rendering for Gramercy Square, a new construction in Manhattan

Renderings of Gramercy Square have been revealed for the condo conversion of the former Cabrini Medical Center. The condo complex, slated for completion sometime this year, will comprise four separate buildings – each quite unique from the others architecturally – and a total of 223 residences.

Gramercy Park: Where the Stars Come to Play

Celebrities in Gramercy Park

Over the past few weeks, we have given you several reasons as to why you should consider moving to the Gramercy Park neighborhood in Manhattan. Be it the luxury of having a private park to yourself, or simply the joy of having an assortment of great cafes to choose from every day, it is almost guaranteed that you will have a great lifestyle if you move to Gramercy Park.

Now, if you are still unconvinced about how desirable this neighborhood is, maybe a look at some of the celebrities that live here will help change your mind. Here, in no particular order, are some of Gramercy Park’s most famous and notable residents.

Gramercy Park: New York's Only Private Park

Gramercy Park View

Gramercy Park, a calm, serene, and historic neighborhood is home to New York City’s only private park. Also referred to as Gramercy Historic District, the key to this two-acre park can be yours for an evening stroll or just to relax in its peaceful environs, for an annual fee and an apartment in one of the 39 townhouses in this affluent neighborhood, like the 18 Gramercy Park South, Gramercy 19, and Gramercy Starck among others. 

Best Coffee Shops in Gramercy Park

Best Coffee Shops in Gramercy Park

While Gramercy Park is known for being small and intimate, there is still a lot to see and do in this very beautiful neighborhood. Of course, strolling about this charming Manhattan locality can tire you out, and you may need to recharge your batteries. And what better way to do that than by getting a steaming cup of good coffee! In our continuing search for the best coffee shops in New York City, today we turn our attention to the cafés in Gramercy Park, and we are pleasantly surprised with the variety of options available here. Here are three of our favorites.

New Luxury Developments Coming to Gramercy Park

One Madison Park

Gramercy Park is one of the most desirable residential neighborhoods in New York City, which is why any news of new luxury real estate development here is almost certainly going to cause a lot of excitement and glee. The latest rumor doing the rounds is that there is going to be a 40-story tower coming up at 45 East 22nd Street, which was once the site of the famous Tony Ciano restaurant.

Take a Guided Walk Around Gramercy Park This Weekend--for Free!

Jane's Walk at Gramercy Park May 5

For two days this weekend, New York City will be celebrating the legacy of activist-urbanist Jane Jacobs (who has been called “the apostle of livable cities”) with more than a hundred free walking tours exploring the many neighborhoods that make the city what it is. From Downtown Manhattan hotspots to the scenic locales of the Upper West Side, there are a lot of tours to choose from, and these free walks are a perfect way to explore a neighborhood with a guide who you can safely expect to be well versed with the city and its history.

Impressive Sales Shine at 18 Gramercy Park South

18 Gramercy Park South showing impressive sales

How do you follow up to a building as successful as 15 Central Park West? That was the uppermost question on everyone’s minds when the developer-architect team of William Lie Zeckendorf, Arthur Zeckendorf and Robert A.M. Stern began converting the Parkside Evangeline hotel at 18 Gramercy Park South into a luxury condominium. Previously owned by the Salvation Army, the building erected in 1927 was, at one time, a dorm-like residence for young women. Real estate followers knew that the building would need a dramatic makeover to make it conform to the luxury living standards of Manhattan.

High Rents Push More New Yorkers Into Buyers Market

Apartments in SohoThe story of rent in Manhattan is an oft-told tale on New Construction Manhattan, but while most realtors agree that the rental market will remain strong, one firm predicted in a recent report that rents could rise by as much as 10% in 2012. And with rental inventory at 1.3% vacancy and landlords raising their prices, many New Yorkers, particularly younger ones who traditionally rent, have begun looking at apartments to buy.

New York Times Raves Over Gramercy Luxury Condo One Madison Park, But Is It Too Late?

One Madison, Gramercy Luxury Condos for SaleTaken purely on its merits -- which include a prime Manhattan location at the foot of Madison Square Park, a unique and appealing look, and some of the most luxurious condos for sale in Gramercy -- the new luxury condo One Madison Park is one of the more impressive new condo listings in Manhattan. But taking One Madison Park on its merits misses one very important point: despite being a pretty exceptional Manhattan condominium, One Madison Park is an exceptionally troubled Manhattan condominium. One Madison Park is currently the subject of several ongoing lawsuits and other controversies, which have conspired to bring the final construction on the building's amenities -- the wine cellar, the swimming pool, stuff like that -- to a halt. We wrote about this at the New Construction Manhattan blog back in March, and it remains true today. Of course, all that other stuff we just wrote about One Madison Park -- prime Manhattan location, good looks, stunning condos for sale -- holds true as well. Since New York Times architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff's job is to write about a building's aesthetics, it's not surprising that he delivered a very positive review of One Madison Park in today's Times. It seems kind of surprising all the same, though, simply because it has been so long since we've had good news to report about One Madison Park.