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Here Comes The Neighborhood: Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel's Approval Is Good News For Murray Hill Condo Market

Gansevoort Park Avenue HotelAs good as things have been for Manhattan condo sales over recent months -- and if you're just joining us, the answer is very good indeed -- the boom in NYC luxury hotels has been that much more notable. A whopping 37 hotels have opened in the city over the past 18 months, and 21 more are slated to open over the next year, and occupancy rates are still at an impressive 93 percent. It has gotten so that it's hard to notice when a new luxury hotel opens its doors, but rest assured that Murray Hill and the Flatiron District are aware that the Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel will soon be opening at 420 Park Avenue South. As well they should -- the perpetually popping NYC scene at the Gansevoort promises to do a lot to enhance the value of condos such as Twenty 9th Park Madison and Sky House, among other Murray Hill condos.