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Greenwich Village Tower Still has Available Condos

Looking for a tree-lined neighborhood amidst the busiest borough of New York? Greenwich Village is the perfect, charming Manhattan neighborhood to call home. 21 East 12th Street is one of the area's most recent additions, bringing new lavish condominiums to the neighborhood's tree-lined streets.

Greenwich Village’s Most Exclusive Condominiums

Photo from Citi Habitats

Plans for a new condominium in Greenwich Village at 178 Bleecker Street had been filed back in 2012 with no signs of construction, until recently. Today, the building is nearly complete and standing out in this neighborhood of historic townhouses. But it’s “industrial-inspired” brick exterior and metal balconies match the interiors lavish Italian-imported materials. Photos of the completed building have also been released.

New Residential Developments in Greenwich Village


Greenwich Village is the center of arts and culture in New York City. This historic area is the home to many beautiful parks and cafes and consistently ranks as one of New York City's most desirable places to live. With the charm that rests within Greenwich Village, it’s no surprise that residential buildings keep popping up all over the area. Listed below are some of the newly constructed developments in the Village:

Take a Tour of Greenwich Village’s Finest Homes on May 5

Homes in Greenwich Village

If you have ever walked around in Greenwich Village, it’s pretty certain that you will have come across some rather beautiful, stately looking homes. Now, as grand as they may be to look at from the outside, wouldn’t it be great to see what these homes look like from the inside? Well, for one day in May, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation is now giving you a chance to tour six of the neighborhood’s most famous structures.

Top Five Restaurants for Outdoor Dining in Greenwich Village

Outdoor dining in Greenwich Village

Spring is in the air in Manhattan, so we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of our favorites places for outdoor dining in Greenwich Village.

Manhattan Townhouse Sales on the Up and Up

Townhouses in Manhattan are Selling at Record RatesIf you are searching to buy a townhouse in Manhattan, you may be surprised to find that you’re not the only one. Recent numbers have shown a sharp spike in sales for luxury townhouses in the Manhattan area. Between the months of January and May, 69 townhouses were sold totaling up to $340.6 million dollars, increasing sales from this past year by nearly 50%. Whether looking to yield a high profit of return or just looking for a place to live, the popularity of Manhattan townhouses is clearly skyrocketing with no clear end in sight.

New Developments, Now By Cost Per Square Foot

Manahttan neighborhood zoning shows cost by square footRecently, MNS released its second quarter report on new development sales, and to our delight, it contains a new metric: cost per square foot. In doing so, MNS is allowing us to compare neighborhoods and their new construction more accurately, as paying more for less square footage indicates that the location or building is partially or entirely the main selling point. What is interesting, however, is that while the same neighborhoods are consistently more expensive, they differ when considering price per square foot, and the winners are in some ways unlikely.

When we look at new development by neighborhood in terms of price per square foot, MNS’ combined Gramercy/Flatiron District neighborhood is the clear winner as well as the only part of Manhattan to average more than $2,000 per square foot. In contrast, the favorites that vie for the title of Manhattan’s most expensive neighborhood -- Tribeca, SoHo, and Greenwich Village (including the West Village) -- are surprisingly low. Of interest is Tribeca, which barely outdoes the Lower East Side in terms of new development pricing; this could be attributed to Tribeca’s almost completely built-out nature, with little new development to drive prices up. SoHo and the Village are still growing, with the former’s addition of the rather large 40 Mercer and Trump SoHo edging the neighborhood into second place.

Gay Marriage: A Manhattan Real Estate Blessing in Disguise?

Rainbow over Manhattan skylineIn June of this year, the New York State Legislature legalized gay marriage, ending a decades-long fight over marriage equality and making New York the sixth state to have gender-neutral marriage (we’ll avoid dealing with the California situation for now). In terms of real estate, this is actually an interesting and promising development, especially when considering the long history that this small, yet powerful, demographic has had in terms of development, gentrification, and neighborhood revitalization. Further, the fact that same-sex marriage is now legal in America’s largest city means that many couples will move to New York, in most cases Manhattan, bringing with them significant disposable income and a need for luxury housing on this already heavily-populated island.

The Saga of a Ventilation Shaft: An Allegory for New Construction

A small, diagonal pocket park lies at the intersection of Seventh and Greenwich Avenues in the West Village. Its name: Mulry Square. Not many people know of it apart from the locals who walk their dogs, run, or pass by it on their way to work every day. Yet this small triangle of green is now a lighting rod of controversy thanks to New York City’s beloved Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Underneath this stretch runs one of the city’s busiest subway lines, carrying the 1, 2, and 3 between 14th Street and Christopher Street stations. For safety reasons, the MTA needs to build a ventilation shaft and emergency exit, and Mulry Square is the only empty lot where this is possible. Unfortunately, the park sits at the dead center of Manhattan’s largest historic district.

Greenwich Village Middle Schools: Crowded, but help is on the way!

villageGreenwich Village could soon become a little friendlier to families with middle schoolers. As it is, schools are becoming more and more crowded. But the city is in the process of converting the defunct Sports Museum of America's building into middle school space. It may draw students from a couple nearby schools, but in one scenario, the building could become the new home of Greenwich Village Middle. Obviously, some Village parents are concerned about the location, since for many it's a little farther away. The city also has their work cut out for them in converting extra space into essentials like gym space. We'll see how this one works out, but this could be a good solution for Village students, who are in need of some breathing room. Source: First and goal for school space in Sports Museum