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On Trend: Happy Hour in the Garment District

New York's Garment District once served as the hub of American fashion design and production. Yet today, thanks to the economic benefits of overseas production, many brands have embraced global expansion and neglected their midtown roots (although many designers still remain in the area). Luckily, the square mile sartorial playground, bordered by neighborhoods like Murray Hill and Chelsea, is always expanding, and it has become a solid spot for scoring great happy hour deals. In fact, with so many different places to choose from, you might just have to treat every day like it's a Friday.

FiDi Has The Happiest Hours

Tasty Happy Hour Drinks

Most New Yorkers dream of Friday as they sway on full train carts, weave through crowded streets, and stare aimlessly at a computer screen for eight hours. Dream no more my friends, for Friday is here and that glorious beacon of hope we call the weekend is approaching. But, before we rush into Saturday, let us first make a toast for our survival of this week during happy hour. Here are some places down in FiDi which have impressive happy hour specials.