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At the High Line, It’s All About Blending In

Views of the High Line and the Chelsea neighborhood from 505 West 19th Street condos

For new developments, location is key, and no location is more coveted than by a park or greenspace. However, it’s not often that buildings resemble and embrace such surroundings.

Chelsea’s Newest Addition: The Soori High Line at 522 West 29th Street

The Soori High Line in Chelsea

Heads up, apartment hunters—a striking new building is on its way to Chelsea, and this Manhattan luxury development looks like one to keep an eye out for. Developed by Blackhouse and Oriel, this impressive structure will be located at 522 West 29th Street and will contain 27 luxury condominiums. The 11-story building is being designed by SCDA Architects and has been named the Soori High Line.

West Chelsea Welcomes the Arrival of Avenues School

Avenues School in West ChelseaManhattan is home to some of the best private and charter schools in the United States. The quality of some of the city’s learning institutions is one of the things that makes New York City so desirable for residents seeking luxury condos for sale. City residents routinely site the quality of nearby schools when explaining why they made the decision to live in the Manhattan neighborhood they moved to. With such a reputation for educational prestige, its no wonder that educators and developers would want to build newer and even better flagship schools in the city. And with that information in tow, we present to you Avenues School, a K-12 institution in West Chelsea that promises to deliver an education experience completely unique to our world.

A Guide to the Stablest, Healthiest Neighborhoods in Manhattan

HL23 building in ManhattanThe Daily News posted a piece recently that compiled a list of the most stable neighborhoods in New York City. These are neighborhoods that are growing, are in consistently high demand for one reason or another, or have some other quality that makes purchasing high-end real estate in them a safe investment. We’ve written before about how the Manhattan real estate market is considerably healthier than both the national market and the economy as a whole, and many investors are now turning towards Manhattan condos for sale rather than the stock market, with their money.

Go West: New York Times On Luxury Condo Boomlet In High Line-Adjacent West Chelsea

West Chelsea experiencing a rise in high line adjacent luxury apartmentsIf you have ever visited The High Line park in Chelsea, you have probably seen a few things. The tasteful plantings and unique aesthetic contours of The High Line itself, for one. The crowds of pretty young NYC things and happy tourists taking the Hudson River views and generally making the park that much more scenic, for another. And over and around it all is something every bit as dramatic, but much easier to miss -- there's West Chelsea itself, growing up and growing into itself and generally making New Yorkers forget that there was ever a time when the words "luxury condominium" and "Tenth Avenue" just plain didn't go together.

No Smoking Please: Scare at Chelsea Green Condo HL23 Turns Out To Be All Smoke, No Fire

SmokeWe haven't written about LEED Gold Chelsea condo HL23 that often here at New Construction Manhattan, and that's totally our fault. Both relative to other condos for sale in Chelsea and other green condos for sale in Manhattan, HL23 is a really impressive NYC condo -- both better-looking and greener than its competition in Chelsea and among Manhattan's other green apartments, respectively. If it seems like we're kind of amping it up about HL23 right now, um, that is probably true. But it's one of our favorite green condo listings at NCM and... well, for awhile back there we were worried that we might've lost it. But it turns out that what looked like a serious fire at HL23 this weekend was all smoke and no fire, Curbed reports.

Caledonia Condos to Get Unique High Line Access?

caledoniaAccording to the Villager, Midtown's Caledonia building may be getting personal High Line access in the near future. The building's upgrades may include access via "a staircase and elevator," plus "A.D.A.-compliant public restrooms." Just one more cool perk for Caladonia residents. We have several Villager, Midtown's in the Caledonia right now, as a matter of fact.

Manhattan's High Line Park: The Cure for What Ails NYC Real Estate?

highVia the Post: High Life: West assured, this park is a big deal We've noticed it, and it seems others are too -- the High Line is almost single-handedly lifting several neighborhoods out of the current market's gloom.

"The High Line is a wonderful antidote to the pessimism in the market," says Jared Della Valle, developer and architect of 459 W. 18th St.

High Line Video History, High Line Article Roundup, & Apartments Near the High Line

historyThe High Line's first few weeks are behind us. Let's check in on the reaction across the city (and world!).

  1. A 4-minute history of the High Line, from its railway past to its reinvention. In case you missed a few things that happened back in 1940 or so.

Pics from High Line Park Opening... Plus Nearby Apartments for Sale

parkMidtown's much-anticipated High Line Park is now open, and Curbed has a great photo tour of the new sights. "Well worth the five years of giddy anticipation," gushes Curbed. "Now: commence with the Phase Two hype!" We're hearing good things about the park from all over. Great success! What more is there to say about the High Line? As if Manhattan needed one more thing to boast about, we now have one of the coolest parks in the world to enjoy. Interested in living in a condo near the brand-new High Line? Take a look at what we have to offer.