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Pier 55’s Futuristic Floating Park

View of Pier 55 from esplanade looking west

Long awaited renderings have finally been revealed for Pier 55’s futuristic park above the Hudson River near Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. The park is the collaboration of designer Thomas Heatherwick and landscape architecture firm Mathews Nielsen, who unveiled updated renderings and new details last week.

Top Five Restaurants for Outdoor Dining in the Upper West Side

Outdoor Dining Upper West Side

Like it or not, Summer will soon be coming to an end. The next couple of weeks could be your last chance to enjoy your food alfresco, so we've made your search a little bit easier. Here are our top five restaurants for outdoor dining in the Upper West Side.

The Million-Dollar Views of Manhattan

People looking for an apartment in Manhattan often have a long list of features they expect to see in their dream homes. These can range from something simple like wanting a lot of space in their rooms to something more fantastical like wanting a celebrity neighbor! But one of the common things that almost all apartment hunters in the city would like to have is, quite simply, a good view. In a city known for having high-rise buildings standing choc-a-bloc with each other, there is a huge demand from New York’s luxury apartment dwellers for homes that have windows looking out into something more pleasing that another concrete structure.

The Price Elevator: Just How Much Do NYC Condo Prices Rise Alongside Floor Numbers?

NYC Condo Prices Alongside Floor NumberThere are various reasons why condo prices generally go up the higher the elevator climbs -- Manhattan views, distance from Manhattan street noise, Manhattan views, generous helpings of natural light, and Manhattan views. But while it's generally accepted that NYC condos climb in price by floor level, the question of just when the prices go up -- and just where -- is one that's a bit less clear. In The Real Deal, Matthew Strozier does his best to crack the code of NYC condo prices by floor. What he found will... actually probably not surprise you all that much if you've ever paid much attention to Manhattan real estate. But it is interesting to see what Strozier came up with.