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Five Classier Joints in Murray Hill

Murray Hill is perhaps the only district in Manhattan that eludes the ‘trendy’ tag that almost always comes with the territory of a youthful population. An influx of recent college graduates has brought with it a penchant for late-night libation, in celebration of no one and nothing in particular. Despite the masses of post-grads, Murray Hill still plays host and caters to a range of tastes and cultures, and features some of the finer cocktail lounges and bars the city has to offer – more than suitable to accommodate anyone wanting to escape the buzzing street scenes and still enjoy a night out on the town.

Murray Hill - Jazz Standard

Developers Bid For New Manhattan Micro-Units

Manhattan apartment residents looking to settle down in studio apartments can expect a big (or small) surprise now that officials are looking to make these pint-size dwellings even smaller. On Monday Mayor Bloomberg disclosed a real estate proposition that would allow developers to bid for a parking lot in Kips Bay located on 335 E. 27th St that would be used to construct studio apartments which are, reportedly, going to resemble college dormitories. Guidelines for the innovative project request that 75% of the units in the building be micro-units, measuring between 275 and 300 square-feet. This is a striking change from Manhattan’s usual studio apartments, which estimate around 400 square feet at the smallest. Eliminating the use of hallways, floor plans will consist of a bedroom area that will double as a living room and workspace.