Articles on LEED-Certified Manhattan Condominiums

New York's Newest and Hottest Leed Certified Buildings

Village Green at 311 East 11th Street

Check out these LEED certified Manhattan condos, with their environmentally sound construction and attention to luxury, they offer a chance to have an environmentally conscious home while also keeping up with New York’s residential trend.


Coming Soon: The Durst Block in Midtown West

600 West 58th Street Rendering

One building at a time, the Durst Organization is taking over Midtown West, with innovative, luxury rental buildings modernizing a very historic neighborhood. The Durst Organization is responsible for the design of 1 Bryant Park, 1 World Trade Center, and the Hallets Point Projects.

New Recycling Mandate Makes NYC Even Greener

New York City has a new recycling mandate

New York City has been trying to step up its green quotient for a long while now. Be it through the construction of environment-friendly LEED certified buildings, or through the creation of more parks and green spaces like the High Line in Chelsea, New Yorkers have been seeing a lot of green. But while these measures are to be applauded, New York is still lagging behind in terms of its recycling prowess—only 15% of residential trash in the city is recycled. But this number could soon change thanks to new building mandates that are designed to bolster recycling efforts.

Composting to be Streamlined Process in The Helena

A new composting system is ready to be implemented at The Helena.In a very short time apartment residents at The Helena will be able to compost without leaving their homes. The new program being implemented at The Helena, at 601 West 57th Street, means that residents will be keeping their organic trash out of the landfills. The plan, as being thought out by The Durst Organization, is also supposed to be used in a brand new apartment complex currently being built next to The Helena. The program however is still in the planning stages and is set to launch at The Helena as a test. New York City is increasingly becoming a green city with sustainable buildings and programs such as these.

Battery Park City Realizes Its Potential

Battery Park City in New York CityEnter Battery Park City, the world of business professionals and a choice condo market in Manhattan. With its close proximity to the Financial District and all the stirrings of Wall Street, the neighborhood is a hotbed of activity, filled with the discussions of bank analysts and the activities and young professionals and new families. A progressive neighborhood through and through, Battery Park City is filled with residents that exhibit a youthful and forward-thinking lifestyle, and Battery Park City’s condo market is an trendy choice for residents seeking to experience the liveliness of Lower Manhattan.

Manhattan Buyers Are Choosing LEED Certified Buildings

Green Leed Certified Luxury NYC BuildingsLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or more commonly known as simply LEED, is one of the biggest buzzwords in real estate right now. In short, it is a set of strategies that are used to evaluate real estate development projects on their effort towards environmental friendliness. In order for a building to be considered LEED certified, it must pass a series of required prerequisites and elective credits set by the U.S. Green Building Council. Once a building has been approved by the Green Building Council, it will then be confirmed and decreed by the Green Building Certification Institute as officially certified. While many people have heard of LEED certified buildings, few New Yorkers can confidently identify the characteristics of green buildings.

456 Is In The Mix: LEED-Certified Chelsea Condo 456 West 19th Street Looking More Like Major Success

456 West 19th Street in Chelsea There's a lot to like about Cary Tamarkin's LEED-certified condo at 456 West 19th Street. Some of this has to do with its looks -- even amid the stiff competition provided by other Chelsea condo listings -- even the star-studded constellation of new condo listings around the High Line -- 456 West 19th Street is a beauty. (Architecture critics agree with us there) That there's some green building intelligence behind that elegant facade helps matters, too. And of course the condos for sale at 456 West 19th Street are exceptionally luxurious, even by Chelsea standards -- every apartment at 456 West 19th is a duplex, and the quality of finishes and fixtures are surpassingly high. But while we at New Construction Manhattan love us some 456 West 19th Street, it turns out that we're not alone -- Curbed reports that the high-end Chelsea condominium is shaping up as one of the true sales success stories of the current Manhattan real estate market. As is common -- even with NYC condo prices on the rise -- most of the condominiums for sale at 456 West 19th Street wound up selling for slightly less than their asking prices.

Battery Low: Is Fannie Mae Slowing Apartment Sales in Battery Park City?

Battery Park City CondominiumsBattery Park City is home to some of the most impressive new condominiums in Manhattan. You probably already know this. The condominiums for sale in Battery Park City are also some of the greenest condos for sale in Manhattan. You may already know that, too. But something you might not know -- and which the New Construction Manhattan blog didn't know, either -- is that the condominiums for sale in Battery Park City are also kinda-sorta rentals. It's complicated, but condo buyers in Battery Park City are paying not just for those LEED-certified condos, but for the land on which those condos sit. No, not in a location-location-location sense. More in a "ground lease" sense. Again, it's complicated. But with ground leases set to spike in 2011, it has suddenly become difficult to buy a condominium in Battery Park City.