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Luxury Living in Lincoln Square

View of the Lincoln Center from Millennium Tower

Lincoln Square is one of Manhattan's most cultural, historic, and beautiful neighborhoods. Bordered by Central Park and Riverside Boulevard from West 62nd to West 65th streets, Lincoln Sqaure packs more world class culture into three blocks than some whole cities can claim. Lincoln Center and the Metropolitan Opera House are the crown jewels of this neighborhood, offering unparralled dance, film, opera, theater, and music.

If you're seeking a home amongst such world famous art and culture, here's a run down of six of the best condo buildings the Upper West Side neighborhood has to offer.

Manhattan's West Side: An Ever Evolving Landscape

Chelsea Galleries HL23 High Line New Constructions Manhattan

Whereas the Upper East Side has long been regarded for its luxury and polish, and the Lower East Side and East Village for their grit and countercultures, Manhattan’s West Side has been charting its popularity for quite some time, and developers are setting off projects to alleviate that demand, especially around Chelsea and Lincoln Square.

Fordham Students, Faculty: Looking for Room to Breathe?

Lincoln Center in New York CityBig development news happening at Lincoln Center... Fordham University's long-delayed bid for massive expansion has finally been accepted after several rounds of compromises. The good news for the noble Fordham Rams is this expansion means almost triple the dorm space, plus new parking garages and room for a new law school. The bad news is it's scheduled to take twenty-five years to complete. You know, it's that old nugget about college recruiting...just imagine all the cool new facilities in the works that won't be up until after you're gone. Plenty of students like the crowded West Side campus, but some don't. Are there other options? Say you teach, study, or work at Fordham and you'd like to live close to campus, but not too close. Obviously, that's where we come in. Click through the many apartments near Fordham we have to offer... and let us know if you see anything you like!