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287 East Houston: A Rare Luxury Condo Development on the Lower East Side

The Lower East Side recently joined the scores of NYC neighborhoods that have been constructing new luxury residencies to attract residents thanks to buildings like. 287 East Houston Street.

Matzo No More: Lower East Side Gentrification Strikes Again

150 Rivington

For nearly a century, 150 Rivington Street has been the home of Streit’s matzo factory. However, times have changed on the Lower East Side since 1925, and a combination of rising prices and the inconvenience of operating a factory in Manhattan has finally forced the family-owned company to relocate. 

3 Most Anticipated New Constructions in Lower Manhattan

Lower East Side New Construction Luxury Living

Last week, we mentioned how the highly-anticipated 10 Sullivan will change the Soho's cityscape. Here are 3 more new constructions in Lower Manhattan will redefine luxury living.

Essex Crossing: SPURA's New Shape

Essex Crossing is a combined residential-retail space in the making.  Expected to cover the former Seward Park Urban Renewal Area, the $1.1 billion megaproject will sit across 1.65 million square feet, replacing the current scene of parking lots and fewer tenement buildings with a grander, glassy-sleek cityscape.  Architectural firms SHoP Architects, Beyer Blinder Belle, and Handel Architects have been tapped to raise the long-neglected area.  

Will New York be Ready for the Next Hurricane Sandy?

Subway systems were flooded by Hurricane SandyHurricane Sandy has come and gone and the Tri-State area is slowly picking itself back up. Only one question really remains at this point: will New York City be prepared for the next Hurricane Sandy? Initial reports are not necessarily good, especially with the current state of affairs in New York City. So far, there are 85 dead and counting, over $60 billion in damages, a subway system that is still not fully operational a week after it shut down, and raging fires in Queens. To top it all off, a substation belonging to Con Ed vital to keeping the lights on blew up in the East Village during the first few hours of the storm. While the firemen, police officers, and emergency workers deserve enormous amounts of respect for their service, all of this still begs the question, will New York be ready for the next Hurricane Sandy?

Gay Marriage: A Manhattan Real Estate Blessing in Disguise?

Rainbow over Manhattan skylineIn June of this year, the New York State Legislature legalized gay marriage, ending a decades-long fight over marriage equality and making New York the sixth state to have gender-neutral marriage (we’ll avoid dealing with the California situation for now). In terms of real estate, this is actually an interesting and promising development, especially when considering the long history that this small, yet powerful, demographic has had in terms of development, gentrification, and neighborhood revitalization. Further, the fact that same-sex marriage is now legal in America’s largest city means that many couples will move to New York, in most cases Manhattan, bringing with them significant disposable income and a need for luxury housing on this already heavily-populated island.

High and Low: With New Condos and New Hotspots, The Lower East Side Is On The Rise

Lower East Side Luxury Condos The Lower East Side is a pretty great place to spend time, regardless of how you plan to spend that time. Tasty foods at all price points, nightspots ranging from unapologetically dive-y to velvet rope-intensive, diversions from high-brow to low, history for days and a very booming present to boot -- the Lower East Side has all that. Which makes it that much stranger that the L.E.S. has taken so long to emerge as a powerhouse in the Manhattan luxury condo marketplace.

Yes, much of the neighborhood's housing stock is of the reformed-tenement variety, and there are zoning hangups among other complicating factors, but given how many people spend their evenings on the Lower East Side, it's somewhat strange how few of them can spend the night there in new luxury condominiums.

Go East: Lower Manhattan's East River Park Just About Finished

You live in an apartment in the Financial District. Or a condo on the Lower East Side. Or are browsing East Village condo listings. Congratulations: you have good taste, both in Manhattan neighborhoods and in NYC real estate listings sites. Let's continue. You're looking for a Manhattan apartment that offers more than, you know, an apartment and a fistful of amenities. You'd like some green space in your neighborhood. Check. You like to jog. Check. You play basketball, say, soccer. Check. You enjoy lounging, or fishing, just taking in some river views. Check, check, check please. There is a park near your apartment where you can do all these things. Check... almost. Yes, work on the East River Park is almost done.

Further Tales of the Manhattan Real Estate Recovery: Wall Street Journal Details Massive Second Quarter Jump In NYC Condo Sales

Has it really been almost a month since we last reported on the stupendous ongoing boom in the market for Manhattan condominiums? Well, yes, we did write this almost a month ago, but it's not like we haven't talked about it since. We've talked about absorption rate and the spike in Manhattan apartment sales, among other things, but we've always really been talking about one thing: the stupendous ongoing boom in the market for Manhattan condominiums. Today, we would like to talk about...