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Manhattan’s Newest Condos: Need To Know Facts

Manhattan's Newest Luxury Condos - Need to Know Facts

After the past few years of tight inventory and very few new buildings hitting the market, we saw a small respite in 2013. While available inventory still hasn't hit pre-recession levels, there are a lot of new luxury condo’s on the market, and we have the facts that you need to know.

Downtown Rising: New Developments in FiDi

In recent years, the Financial District has taken a lot of hard blows, from the September 11th attacks to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, but the neighborhood has persevered and promises to be stronger than ever despite some of the problems facing the revitalization of the Pier 17 shopping mall. While some of the more obvious signs of this include the newly opened 4 orld Trade Center and the Freedom Tower opening late next year, there also an astounding 17 new developments and luxury conversions under construction or on the way. 

35 XV: Chelsea’s Newest Condominium

35 XV in Chelsea

While New York is becoming increasingly familiar with architectural hybrids where traditional styles sit side by side with distinctively modern design, Alchemy Properties’ newest project may be the most interesting example to date.

What Is It About Soho?

Streets of Soho

It’s a fun word to say, that’s a given. Lets say it again: So-ho. But there’s something else about this neighborhood which causes people to flock to it on a nearly religious basis. Very rarely will you run into a New Yorker unable to point you in the direction of the neighborhood’s cast-iron buildings, cobblestone streets, high-end shopping, and highly sought after loft apartments. From Prada to Puma; Chanel to Converse; Swarovski to Stussy, Soho managed to raise itself into a trendy neighborhood with a casual air.

Upcoming Luxury Condominiums in Manhattan

New York City Skyline

With inventory numbers in New York City at incredibly low values, people looking to buy luxury apartments would be wise to keep an eye out for the new buildings that are currently being developed around the city. These new constructions, which boast of great apartment layouts and a number of fantastic amenities, are scheduled to open up in the coming few months, and sales for these developments are expected to begin soon, some as early as March 2013.

A Harlem Townhouse That’s Perfect for You and Your Art

Harlem townhouses provide more space for art collections

Have you ever looked at great piece of art, something that absolutely delights and captivates you, and wanted to bring it home; only to then realize that you wouldn’t have space for it in your Manhattan apartment? While we are sure that this thought must have occurred to many of you, we are also pretty sure that this feeling has come in your minds more than once! Think back on all those great artworks you liked and craved, but had to say no to them only because of the question: “Where are we going to keep it in our home?”

Impressive Sales Shine at 18 Gramercy Park South

18 Gramercy Park South showing impressive sales

How do you follow up to a building as successful as 15 Central Park West? That was the uppermost question on everyone’s minds when the developer-architect team of William Lie Zeckendorf, Arthur Zeckendorf and Robert A.M. Stern began converting the Parkside Evangeline hotel at 18 Gramercy Park South into a luxury condominium. Previously owned by the Salvation Army, the building erected in 1927 was, at one time, a dorm-like residence for young women. Real estate followers knew that the building would need a dramatic makeover to make it conform to the luxury living standards of Manhattan.

New Construction Expected to Strike $30.7 Billion This Year

The Freedom Tower rising in Lower ManhattanWith both residential and office towers popping up like wildflowers all around the city, an annual report by The New York Building Congress predicts that the annual construction spending in the city is expected to reach a record high of $30.7 billion this year. This development has been hailed as good news for New York City’s real estate sector, as this is the first time that the city’s overall construction spending has exceeded $30 billion since 2008. This rise in spending has been credited to two main reasons: an increase in demand for luxury housing, as well as an increase in activity in both non-residential projects and government spending.

Manhattan’s Luxury Real Estate is On a Roll

Brooklyn Bridge over looking Manhattan

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: Manhattan’s luxury real estate market is doing very well for itself right now. The slump that the sector saw in the past few years is no longer in the picture, and sales of these magnificent condominium apartments that are priced $4 million and above are shooting through the roof. Several reports on the real estate market have already testified to this boom in the past few months, and the latest to join the bandwagon is the luxury real estate report by Olshan Realty, Inc.

15 CPW Towers Over Manhattan’s Real Estate World

A look back at our blog posts over the past few months will reveal that one luxury condominium in particular has been popping up more than the others. The building in question is, of course, 15 Central Park West, the magnificent, limestone building designed by Robert A. M. Stern that has gained a very worthy reputation in Manhattan’s real estate market. While every apartment in this complex is by itself an amazing home, renovations and redesigns of the same have led to even more striking homes, with price tags that match the astounding glamour of these luxury homes.