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Apartment Renovations Fetch High Prices in New York City

Renovating luxury apartments in Manhattan

Manhattan’s luxury real estate market has long had some of the best examples of extravagant and amazing homes that are made to both stun and awe. These are, after all, among the tallest buildings in America, and no stone has been left unturned in making sure the apartments inside these magnificent structures are every bit as stunning as their exteriors. But despite how fabulous these homes may be, there are always some discerning customers who want to enhance the grandeur that’s already in the homes they buy for themselves. And that’s when they call in the renovators—architects and designers who channel the owner’s vision for an even more sensational home than he or she already owned in the first place.

Manhattan Luxury Living Hits New Heights: Literally And Figuratively

Manhattan skyline at night

There are some lucky New Yorkers who wake up every morning with the feeling of being on top of the world—literally. These are the residents of the amazingly high apartments in several luxury residential buildings around the city who are guaranteed both stunning views and amazing lifestyles. While Manhattan has always been known for its ridiculously tall skyscrapers, the city’s high-rises have become much more prolific now thanks to the fact that these buildings are now offering homes to live in. A case in point would be the historic Woolworth Building in Lower Manhattan, which has traditionally hosted office spaces on its top floors but will now soon be offering luxury homes in those enviable spaces.

Record Listing: $100,000,000 for Midtown Penthouse

Midtown Penthouse in New York CityIn yet another indication of the boom in the high-end Manhattan real estate market, an octagon-shaped penthouse at CitySpire, located at 150 West 56th Street, has been listed for a whopping $100,000,000. The $100 million listing has made this 8,000 square foot luxurious home designed by Juan Pablo Molyneux the most expensive condominium listing in the whole of New York City. This news came on the heel of two other impressive real estate headlines in the recent past—Sandy Weill’s penthouse at 15 Central Park West was bought for $88 million, and a penthouse at One57 was bought for $90 million.

Manhattan Luxury Market Truly Distinguishes Itself

Manhattan's Luxury Market is in an entirely different leagueJust how far has Manhattan’s ultra-luxury sales market gotten from the typical price range? In other words, does the average luxury market sale still even fall anywhere in the ballpark of a normal market sale in terms of price? In Manhattan, luxury market sales are always the attention-grabbing ones, with the finest condos in Manhattan seeming to generate by far and away the most headlines. And as it turns out, this hype over ultra-luxury sales is indeed pretty accurate: the prices that the average luxury market sales generate have gone into an entirely separate league from Manhattan sales as a whole.

What to Know Before Buying a Manhattan Condo

Finding the Best Manhattan Luxury Condos The boom years were all about big names, high-end amenities, and niche details, features that attracted buyers of Manhattan luxury condos by the boatload. It turns out that many of the design features that characterized the new construction frenzy haven’t aged well. Unforeseen drawbacks of many of these high end fixtures and finishes have made it all too obvious to many of those buyers that the things that made their Manhattan luxury apartments so attractive were more flash than substance. To make matters worse, the rush to cash in on the high demand of the boom years led many developers to cut corners, which is all the more reason to tread carefully when purchasing a new condo in Manhattan.

Upper East Side's Lenox Hill Grows in Popularity

Luxury condos in Lennox Hill

As any Manhattanite knows, there’s a tradeoff for buying real estate inside the Big Apple: there isn’t a whole lot of space. Now, although luxury Manhattan condominiums and co-ops have the persuasive appeal of amenities and friendly service, some New Yorkers are still keeping their eyes out for vacancies in the city’s limited supply of townhomes and brownstones. So, basically, all eyes on Lenox Hill, which stands out among some of the taller Manhattan neighborhoods with its historic charm and lines of single-family homes.

Lenox Hill, the bottom half of the Upper East Side, runs from 59th to 72nd Street. Most of the townhouses in the neighborhood have been bought up, gutted out, dusted off and listed with stark prices that have defied the economic downturn. With single-family homes a furiously hot city real estate, closing prices for the Lenox Hill gems range from $8 million to $48 million, according The Wall Street Journal.  A limestone townhouse on 64th Street for instance, sold out to renovators in 2002 at $5 million. Renovators added a pool, elevator, gym, and subsequently a ringing grand total of $21 million.

My Own Private Bowling Alley: Upper West Side condo The Aldyn's Amazing Amenity Space Set To Open

Aldyn Building inNYC has it's own bowling alleyWe at New Construction Manhattan have had our collective eye -- we just share one, it's easier -- on The Aldyn for some time. Few new construction condo listings on the Upper West Side -- honestly, few new construction condo listings anywhere in Manhattan -- were as ambitious in conception as The Aldyn, which shares a perch on lower Riverside Drive with luxury rental The Ashley. It wasn't just that The Aldyn was a sterling example of shoot-the-moon ambition on the part of developers Extell, although it's that. It's that The Aldyn was a fearlessly upscale new construction condominium development built during one of the lowest down-cycles in real estate development in... well, ever. The project itself was promising from the start – between The Aldyn's striking looks, the 40,000 square feet of amenitized space and the stunning Hudson River views and generous floor plans on offer in the apartments for sale, The Aldyn always sounded like a winner. It was the timing that seemed questionable. But with the building nearly complete and The Aldyn's signature amenity space set to open -- and with pictures revealing it to be every bit as expansive and plain awesome-looking as advertised -- it seems safe to say that The Aldyn has made it. Which makes the La Palestra amenity space at The Aldyn that much more worthy of a look.

Midtown On The Rise: How New Luxury Condos Are Making A Nice Place To Visit Into A Nice Place To Live

Midtown Manhattan Luxury CondosThere's plenty to do in Midtown Manhattan -- New Yorkers know that, and so do the tourists who throng to the luxury shopping on Fifth Avenue and such tourist mainstays as St. Patrick's Cathedral, the Empire State Building, and everything in between. In short, most Manhattan residents and Manhattan visitors think of Midtown Manhattan in the same way: a nice place to visit, shop, and eat, as well as work or take photos, depending on whether you're arriving from within NYC or without. The proliferation of new construction luxury hotels in midtown Manhattan reflect its status as a tourist hub, but those hotels have a secret. Well, two secrets, if you count the secret hamburger joint inside Le Parker Meridien. But the secret that's more important for those browsing Manhattan condo listings, though, is this -- midtown luxury hotels such as Cassa NYC and The Centria are also home to some stunning new construction condominiums for sale. Hotels with residences for sale are nothing new in Manhattan real estate, but what's most striking about these midtown luxury condos is the way in which they've helped change the face of this neighborhood -- and make a very nice place to visit into an increasingly nice place to live.

Meet The Newest Sales Tool For Manhattan Luxury Condominiums: Federal Housing Administration Approval

FHA-approved Manhattan Condos for SaleIt's sometimes said that Manhattan luxury condominiums sell themselves, and a trip through our Manhattan condo listings will surely bear that out for a few NYC apartment buildings. But it's just an expression, finally, and most NYC luxury condos -- even the best of the best -- don't necessarily sell themselves. Yes, the Manhattan apartment market is surging, but with real estate watchers concerned about a double dip in the housing market and the local and national economies still sputtering, the investment of money and confidence required in buying a Manhattan condominium is no small thing. In reality, most NYC condos require no small amount of selling, which is where price cuts come from, among other things. Recently, developers have hit upon a new -- and, for once, very factual and very useful -- new marketing tool. That would be the approval of the Federal Housing Administration.

New York Times Raves Over Gramercy Luxury Condo One Madison Park, But Is It Too Late?

One Madison, Gramercy Luxury Condos for SaleTaken purely on its merits -- which include a prime Manhattan location at the foot of Madison Square Park, a unique and appealing look, and some of the most luxurious condos for sale in Gramercy -- the new luxury condo One Madison Park is one of the more impressive new condo listings in Manhattan. But taking One Madison Park on its merits misses one very important point: despite being a pretty exceptional Manhattan condominium, One Madison Park is an exceptionally troubled Manhattan condominium. One Madison Park is currently the subject of several ongoing lawsuits and other controversies, which have conspired to bring the final construction on the building's amenities -- the wine cellar, the swimming pool, stuff like that -- to a halt. We wrote about this at the New Construction Manhattan blog back in March, and it remains true today. Of course, all that other stuff we just wrote about One Madison Park -- prime Manhattan location, good looks, stunning condos for sale -- holds true as well. Since New York Times architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff's job is to write about a building's aesthetics, it's not surprising that he delivered a very positive review of One Madison Park in today's Times. It seems kind of surprising all the same, though, simply because it has been so long since we've had good news to report about One Madison Park.