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Finding the Luck of the Irish... in Soho!

Best Soho Bars for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and for most New Yorkers, the festival is a good excuse to do a pub crawl across the city’s many splendid Irish bars. Given that Soho is our Neighborhood of the Month, we decided to sift through the many bars in this fashionable area to find places that will give you an authentic Irish experience in your Soho pub crawl.

The Best Toy Stores in Tribeca

Best Toy Stores in Tribeca

Sure, Tribeca has designer stores, trendy bars and fancy restaurants—but if you’re a kid (or a kid at heart!), it’s very likely that you wouldn’t be very impressed with the above establishments. But worry not—Tribeca is home to a number of wonderful toy stores, all of which contain curios and contraptions that are certain to delight people of all ages. Here’s a list of some of the best toy stores in Manhattan, all of which are located in the TRIangle BElow CAnal Street.

Top Local Luxury Businesses In FiDi

South Street Seaport Shopping

New York City may seem overwhelming to shoppers with a wide array of shops on every corner, each with its own unique speciality. So we made it easy for you. Here's our favorite luxury local businesses in the Financial District.

New Recycling Mandate Makes NYC Even Greener

New York City has a new recycling mandate

New York City has been trying to step up its green quotient for a long while now. Be it through the construction of environment-friendly LEED certified buildings, or through the creation of more parks and green spaces like the High Line in Chelsea, New Yorkers have been seeing a lot of green. But while these measures are to be applauded, New York is still lagging behind in terms of its recycling prowess—only 15% of residential trash in the city is recycled. But this number could soon change thanks to new building mandates that are designed to bolster recycling efforts.

Building Doormen Go the Extra Mile This Holiday Season

New York luxury apartment doorman

Apartment hunters in New York City are known to look at a lot of things before committing to a home in the city. They want the extravagant spaces, they want the gorgeous views, they want the latest in technology—their apartments must have it all. But besides the features of their homes, Manhattan’s home-hunters are also keen to know about the building amenities they will be treated to: these can range from something as flashy as a rooftop club room to the relatively less-publicized services of a full-time doorman. However, doormen are a very important and useful amenity to have in a building—especially during the holiday season.

The Million-Dollar Views of Manhattan

People looking for an apartment in Manhattan often have a long list of features they expect to see in their dream homes. These can range from something simple like wanting a lot of space in their rooms to something more fantastical like wanting a celebrity neighbor! But one of the common things that almost all apartment hunters in the city would like to have is, quite simply, a good view. In a city known for having high-rise buildings standing choc-a-bloc with each other, there is a huge demand from New York’s luxury apartment dwellers for homes that have windows looking out into something more pleasing that another concrete structure.

The Art of Publicity in Manhattan Luxury Real Estate

Marketing luxury manhattan real estateThere used to be a time when luxury real estate exchanged hands in New York City and very few people actually knew about such hush-hush residential deals. Today, however, it’s a different story. In a world where any kind of publicity is considered good publicity, the trend of wanting to be flaunted and talked about has crept into Manhattan’s real estate sector as well.  From the time when a property is put on the market, up to the moment the apartment finds a new owner, almost every incident in the sale process is being subjected to what seems like a hodge-podge of public relations machinery--but do these splendid apartments need all the fanfare?

Buying in New NYC Buildings: How to Get a Head Start

With apartment rents in Manhattan continuing to shoot up every day, it is now rather commonplace to consider becoming a homeowner in the city rather than a tenant. With several new developments currently being built all over New York City, there is a large number of options to choose from as your next home. With some research, one can find their next home in the slew of new construction in Manhattan, and get a head start in the race to get such residences. After all, New York City’s real estate market is an extremely tough and fickle one, and getting a good pad is more often a case of being the early bird that catches the worm.

Manhattan’s Luxury Real Estate is On a Roll

Brooklyn Bridge over looking Manhattan

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: Manhattan’s luxury real estate market is doing very well for itself right now. The slump that the sector saw in the past few years is no longer in the picture, and sales of these magnificent condominium apartments that are priced $4 million and above are shooting through the roof. Several reports on the real estate market have already testified to this boom in the past few months, and the latest to join the bandwagon is the luxury real estate report by Olshan Realty, Inc.

15 CPW Towers Over Manhattan’s Real Estate World

A look back at our blog posts over the past few months will reveal that one luxury condominium in particular has been popping up more than the others. The building in question is, of course, 15 Central Park West, the magnificent, limestone building designed by Robert A. M. Stern that has gained a very worthy reputation in Manhattan’s real estate market. While every apartment in this complex is by itself an amazing home, renovations and redesigns of the same have led to even more striking homes, with price tags that match the astounding glamour of these luxury homes.