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Apartment Renovations Fetch High Prices in New York City

Renovating luxury apartments in Manhattan

Manhattan’s luxury real estate market has long had some of the best examples of extravagant and amazing homes that are made to both stun and awe. These are, after all, among the tallest buildings in America, and no stone has been left unturned in making sure the apartments inside these magnificent structures are every bit as stunning as their exteriors. But despite how fabulous these homes may be, there are always some discerning customers who want to enhance the grandeur that’s already in the homes they buy for themselves. And that’s when they call in the renovators—architects and designers who channel the owner’s vision for an even more sensational home than he or she already owned in the first place.

In Demand: A Home Address in the Financial District

The financial district is quickly becoming a neighborhood with residential demand

One of the most bustling neighborhoods in New York City, the Financial District has long been a hub for all things business. With the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York both located in this neighborhood, and add to that the chaotic yet vital hubbub that resounds out of Wall Street, it is not really hard to understand why this neighborhood is so important for financial institutions. However, while the neighborhood may be synonymous with the bulls and the bears that run the city, the Financial District is now being increasingly known for another topic altogether: luxury real estate. The charm, elegance and the many landmarks in the Financial District has made it a very desirable place to live in New York City.

Manhattan Luxury Living Hits New Heights: Literally And Figuratively

Manhattan skyline at night

There are some lucky New Yorkers who wake up every morning with the feeling of being on top of the world—literally. These are the residents of the amazingly high apartments in several luxury residential buildings around the city who are guaranteed both stunning views and amazing lifestyles. While Manhattan has always been known for its ridiculously tall skyscrapers, the city’s high-rises have become much more prolific now thanks to the fact that these buildings are now offering homes to live in. A case in point would be the historic Woolworth Building in Lower Manhattan, which has traditionally hosted office spaces on its top floors but will now soon be offering luxury homes in those enviable spaces.

NYC Apartments Not Big Enough? Get an Urban Mansion

Luxury urban mansions in New York City

New York City is a city of contrasts. This is a city where expensive restaurants like the Japanese themed Masa in the Time Warner Center, as well as cheap ones like the many $1 pizza establishments that have sprouted all over New York, can both boast of having a steady and loyal clientele of satisfied customers. In the same vein, it is indeed interesting to note that while some people are distressed over their inability to buy or rent apartments in the city given their rising prices, there are some well-heeled New Yorkers who are going out and buying entire apartment buildings, so as to create their very own exclusive family homes. These are the “urban mansions,” which have hefty price tags but are still cheaper than big name townhouses and co-op penthouses.

Luxury Condos Coming Soon to the Woolworth Building

Luxury Condos are on the way to the iconic Woolworth BuildingThe Woolworth Building, much like the Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building, has been one of the most iconic buildings dotting the New York City skyline. While it is one of the oldest skyscrapers in the whole of the United States, it also is one of the 50 tallest buildings in the country as well. Designed by the acclaimed American architect, Cass Gilbert, the Woolworth Building is a classic neo-Gothic construction and truly deserves both its National Historic and New York City landmark statuses.

Harlem Becomes Hip

Move over, Chelsea and the East Village. There’s a new neighborhood that’s attracting the wealthiest of Manhattan, and that happens to be none other than historic Harlem. Recent reports have said that the prices for apartments in Harlem have been steadily growing, with the latest example of this trend being the sale of a luxury penthouse in One Museum Mile for $3.1 million. More proof for this trend has been exhibited in the fact that from 2007 to 2012, the prices of apartments near 110th Street in Harlem have increased by 39 percent.

New Construction Manhattan Service Moment: The Smart Way To Furnish Your NYC Condo

You wouldn't necessarily know it from a lot of Manhattan apartments, but there are more options when it comes to furnishing a New York City apartment than buying too much furniture that you cannot find space for, throwing out your old coffee table because you found another, shipping your couch back home to your parents to make room for the oh-so-necessary desk, or deciding not to buy that shelf because you have no idea where you can fit it. Sounds crazy, but it's true. In what will become a semi-regular feature here at the New Construction Manhattan blog, we're going to get in service-y mode and outline some other routes you can take to make your NYC condo a home. Or at least a much less cluttered and better-organized NYC condo: