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Post-Sandy: Innovative Berms to Keep Sea Out

Image via Bjarke Ingels Group

Post-Sandy, NYC was forced to face the reality of natural threats from the sea. Two years later, a design and architecture firm called BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), proposed “Big U;” a plan to safeguard areas greatly affected by such storms, like East Village and the Lower East Side. However, where funding for programs for other sections of Lower Manhattan will come is unclear.

Borough Presidents Discuss Future Development

NYC Boroughs

In a forum hosted by Crain’s, the five borough presidents of New York City made a joint appearance last week, where they discussed their visions for future development in their respective boroughs. Four of the presidents are brand new to their office, and though they only play an advisory role in the land use review, their opinions are influential; a borough president can potentially cultivate or extinguish a project.

Manhattan on the Move: Lunch Beat NYC

Lunch Beat NYC

New Yorker’s have long been known to raise the bar, be it in fashion, food, art, culture and everything else in between. Setting the trend & paving the way, for everything new and unique, New Yorker's make most of the “New York Minute.