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Sticker Shtick: NYC Condos Currently Going For Anywhere From 5 to 30 Percent Below Listing Price

%We've devoted many pixels here at the New Construction Manhattan blog to the buyer-friendly trends in the market for NYC condos, and with good reason -- this is a pretty excellent time to be buying a condominium in Manhattan, for a myriad of reasons. That said, a look at the prices for NYC condos at present might make it seem like the buyer's market in NYC real estate is... well, not nearly buyer-friendly enough. And it might indeed seem that way, were you to look at the prices for, say, condos on the Upper West Side or Upper East Side. But the most important thing to note is this: per a recent report at The Real Deal, no one is actually paying those prices. In fact, most condos for sale in Manhattan are currently selling for somewhere between five and 30 percent less than their list prices. Why is this?

Square Deal? The Inexact Science of Square Footage

Square footage in New York City apartments Buying a condominium in Manhattan is not easy. If there's one thing you'll hear from friends who've gone about purchasing a Manhattan apartment or NYC condo, it's that. But if there's one thing we keep going over here at the New Construction Manhattan blog, it's that buying NYC condos doesn't have to be quite as difficult as it is -- if you ask the right questions and work with the right real estate agent, buying an apartment in Manhattan can be satisfying and maybe even enjoyable. But, as proven in a new report at The Real Deal on the radically imprecise science of calculating the square footage of condominiums for sale, buying a condominium in Manhattan isn't easy. The good news, here, is that square footage numbers aren't necessarily the be-all and end-all when it comes to buying a condo.

Harlem Shuffle: Condo Prices Coming Down Uptown?

Condo Prices in HarlemSince its real estate renaissance began over a decade ago, Upper Manhattan condos have staked a compelling claim as both some of the nicest (and in some instances greenest) new apartments for sale in Manhattan and some of the greatest values in NYC condos. With a bumper crop of new condominiums in Harlem, Washington Heights and Morningside Heights set to open soon, the Upper Manhattan condo market is suddenly glutted. You don't need to be an economics professor to know what happens next -- the sudden boom in supply has led to lower prices, deeper concessions and a burgeoning buyer's market in Upper Manhattan condominiums. 

Listing Price, Shmisting Price: New Report Indicates Buyers Getting Condos for Less Than Listed More Often Than Ever

Condos in NYC selling for less than list priceWe hear the term "buyer's market" so often of late in reference to the current real estate market that it's easy, at times, to forget just what it means. The phrase itself isn't tough to decipher, of course: buyers of NYC condos have an advantage over sellers of NYC condos at present. But a new report from indicates the real-world effects -- the very positive real world effects, at least for those looking into buying a Manhattan apartment -- of the current buyer's market in Manhattan real estate. On average, Manhattan apartment buyers paid a whopping five percent less than the last listed price on NYC condos in January. That's a savings of over $20,000 per purchase, on average.

Tribeca Summit Shakes Up Management, Keeps Selling Units

Tribeca Summit in New York CityLast week, we talked a bit about the management issues at Riverhouse, the super-green condominium in Battery Park City that is continuing to sell condos despite a legal shouting match between its developers and managing corporation. It's a problem that Tribeca condominium Tribeca Summit, at 415 Greenwich Street, can relate to. Luckily, though, Tribeca Summit -- like Riverhouse -- has some good news to go with the less-good. According to NYC real estate website Curbed, even what looks like less-good news -- the fact that Tribeca Summit's financiers have taken over from its developers -- may wind up being good news for buyers.

Condos Still Selling at Riverhouse as Developers Engage in Legal Skirmish

The Riverhouse in New York CityWe'll just be honest about this: we at New Construction Manhattan just love us some Riverhouse. The super-sustainable Battery Park City condo is one of the greenest NYC condos out there, period, and offers every bit as much in terms of amenities and stunning apartments for sale as it does in terms of green elements. The Riverhouse is a LEED Platinum condo with a great location and great condos, and that's why we like it so much. There, we said it. So who cares if Riverhouse is currently wrapped up in a legal squabble between its managing corporation and developers? Um, right?

New on New Construction Manhattan: Getting To Know BLUE Condominium

Blue condominium in Manhattan The topping out of a new construction condominium is a big deal, but new NYC condos crop up on New Construction Manhattan just about every day. In some cases, these are new buildings with new condo listings; in other cases, it's just a new condo listing on NCM. While the BLUE Condominium, an architecturally stunning condo on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, isn't exactly new -- the building went up in 2006, and has been an eye-catching blue-tinted fixture on the lower Manhattan skyline ever since -- it is new to New Construction Manhattan's apartment listing database. Which means that we now have a good excuse to introduce you to both a fascinating condo and one of the elite condo listings on the Lower East Side.

New On New Construction Manhattan: Getting To Know Barbizon 63

Barbizon 63 in New York CityManhattan real estate is a living thing, which means that new condominium listings go up on New Construction Manhattan all the time. This week is no different, as a bunch of pre-war condominium listings are hitting our database. As part of a semi-regular feature, we'll cast the spotlight on a few of these deserving newbies as they go up. Today, we'll take a look at Barbizon 63, a pre-war condo building on the Upper East Side that's also among the newest NYC condos on NCM.